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I’ve been promising to make sweet potato pancakes for awhile, and am glad when I went grocery shopping this week I finally focused on buying sweet potatoes. Well, I guess I officially bought yams, which I’ve read are sweeter and a slightly different texture, but in most cases will work. I figure for pancakes, sweeter is better!

I love my misshapen pancakes. Mmmmm.


I’ve been eating on my frozen whole wheat waffles for a few months now. I mostly ate them on weekends as a treat, but decided rather than saving the waffles for special occasions, I should make something I can eat everyday. And it’s fall. So pumpkin pancakes were the perfect solution!

Mmmmmm…. Fluffy, yummy, pumpkiny pancakes


Alright, who hasn’t heard of mother nature’s greatest creation? Denny’s grilled cheese with fried mozzarella sticks in the middle? I’m a sucker for grilled cheese after a night of drinking so when I saw this invention I knew it was created for me. The only way it could be better? Cheese sauce to dip your side of fries in. Yes, this mammoth sandwich comes with fries. I don’t even want to know the calorie count. OK, I do. But when I’m ordering I don’t want to consider it.

Cheesy, spicy, fried, bread. What else could I want?


At the suggestion of my friend, Alisa, I hit up Jimmy’s Egg a few weekends ago. On a Sunday, during “church hour.” (My version of church-related restaurant rush hour.) Why? Well, not for any specific reason other than that’s when I was hungry. Although, I think a lot can be said about a restaurant during its busiest time. And a lot can be said about people allegedly just coming from church….

Proof that God exists and loves us.


For the past few days I’ve had lots of hits on here for Sonic’s new Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito. I think because of my post about the disgusting-don’t-waste-your-time Braum’s Southwest Burrito…. I’d heard the commercials, and I have to say I was mostly intrigued by the promise of crispy jalapeno strips. But the thought of a 1,000 calorie burrito first thing in the morning wasn’t very appetizing (mind you that was my estimation of the calorie count, stay tuned for the actual count). Always up to a challenge set directly or indirectly by my readers, I ventured out to Sonic. I figured, if nothing else I could start my morning with a Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke. Sweet, frosted deliciousness!

So far, I look like any other burrito… Kind of boring. Huh. Why do I like burritos? Oh, wait. OK. Focus.

Burrito: “Will you wish you’d had my cousin the SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito instead?”

Only time, and chewing, will tell!


Who doesn’t like to get to first base first thing in the morning? Well, by first base I mean first base with  your toast, French style. I LOVE French toast. And it’s super-easy to make. All you need are: bread, eggs, milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. Then whatever you top yours with. I’m usually a peanut butter and syrup kind of girl. But on this fine Saturday morning, I opted for butter and syrup.

They call me French toast for a reason. You wanna make out with me, don’t you?


Where could I go wrong? “A flour tortilla filled with sausage, eggs, roasted peppers and onions, pepperjack cheese, and spicy chipotle sauce.”

Um, yum! Right? Nope. Wrong-o.

Looking for a review of Sonic’s Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito? Go here.


When I think of diners, I have visions of a small town gathering place where people are are laid back and friendly (but not the type of friendly that’s only looking for a tip) and the food is delicious. I’ve wanted to hit up Riverside Cafe since it opened, but always said I’d wait until I have a good breakfast food craving. Well that craving hit on Monday afternoon. I walked in and felt like I’d traveled back in time, in a good way.