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I’m a master procrastinator. All weekend I knew I was going to make a roast for lunches this week. And all weekend I procrastinated taking it out of my freezer. I have so much stuff in my freezer, it’s hard to find what I want. The funny thing is when I finally went down to the freezer, at 10PM on Sunday, the roasts were right there on the top. However, it wasn’t a bad thing. I got to read up on how to cook frozen roasts (which led me to my recipe – which DOESN’T contain onion soup mix!), and how to defrost quickly when your roast doesn’t fit into your crockpot when it’s frozen solid. So, everyone gets to share in the joy!


Here come the meat sweats! 



I love soup. And I love that I’m not married so I can make soup all the time (most guys don’t think soup’s a meal, I think most men are crazy!). Anyway, a long time ago I made white chili that was awesome, but I’ve never been able to find the recipe. So I decided to start from scratch with a new recipe. I looked online at several recipes to get a base idea of what to use, and formed my own recipe. Most were a basic blend of chicken, chicken broth and northern beans. And of course I want mine spicy!

I’m dreaming of a white chili. Just like the one I used to know.


Who doesn’t like to get to first base first thing in the morning? Well, by first base I mean first base with  your toast, French style. I LOVE French toast. And it’s super-easy to make. All you need are: bread, eggs, milk, nutmeg and cinnamon. Then whatever you top yours with. I’m usually a peanut butter and syrup kind of girl. But on this fine Saturday morning, I opted for butter and syrup.

They call me French toast for a reason. You wanna make out with me, don’t you?