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Well, I keep going to Yogurt Xplosion, and always forget to take pictures! I think mostly because I’m so excited to have frozen yogurt, and don’t want it to melt. But alas, I’ll give you my review. Obviously it’s good if I keep going back, especially since we have a lot of ice cream choices in the area: Dairy Queen, Braum’s Orange Leaf, and even Spangles or McDonald’s. All of which we (my co-workers) have hit, and hit more frequently as summer sets in.

I knew the setup of YX was going to be similar to Orange Leaf, which I like. I love the yogurt flavor choices and the ability to top as much or as little as you want. And I could tell from the outside of the building that it was going to be bright on the inside. What I didn’t expect was how friendly everyone was. They encouraged us to test the yogurt. And even have a guess your weight thing (weight of your yogurt, not yourself) where if you hit it spot on, your yogurt’s free. There are also picnic tables setup outside.


I’ve wanted to go to Old Mill Tasty Shop for a long time. And luckily for me, I got a lunch date invite from one of my favorites, Sara! Bonus, her daughter Kathy accompanied us. Double-bonus, I got to order Girl Scout Cookies. Things in my life are looking VERY up recently, so I’m always afraid my house is going to burn down or I’ll get The Monella or something. That said, bring on Old Mill!

Awww. Isn’t it cute? I love downtown Wichita.

Disclaimer: I ruthlessly stole this image from someone’s Flickr account because I forgot to take one of my own. As far as I understand people don’t care if you use their Flickr images as long as you don’t make a profit (I won’t) and credit them (check it out). But if someone has a problem with me using the image, let me know!