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I’m not a huge fan of meatloaf, but I actually like this version. Well, my version, adapted from this recipe.  I adapted the recipe because, well, it’s what I do. But also a friend of mine made it and said it was “a little bland.” When someone else says something’s bland, I’m sure not to like it. I’m not a food snob or anything, but I’m one of those annoying people who eats for pleasure. And I firmly believe even healthy food should taste good. Is this the best thing I’ve ever made? Probably not. I’d far prefer my Mexican Hamburger with Kale, Spinach and Tomatoes over this. But for meatloaf, it’s good. In fact, many say the “bland” meatloaf in the original recipe is “fantastic.” And I think this is an improvement on that. Not just because I made it non-paleo with dairy (those two things could easily be left out). But because of the increased seasonings. Plus, I’ve eaten it for lunch for three straight days, and don’t hate it. Anyway, my point is, this is a fantastic starting point. Feel free to adjust to your taste buds.

The mashed cauliflower, however, I believe is gold. I love the stuff. Maybe more than mashed potatoes. No, seriously. I mix mine with a hand mixer, and it generally comes out somewhere between mashed potatoes and rice, which I love. I don’t do cheesy rice, but this stuff is rich enough it feels like a treat. So, if you want a meatloaf recipe, this one’s respectable and better ingredients than dumping ketchup on top (which grosses me out). But if you have your own meatloaf recipe, and are looking for a good side, try the cauliflower. So. Good!



Drop what you’re doing, friends, and head immediately to Yogurt Xplosion (just south of 32nd street on the east side of Rock – next to the Papa John’s)! They have gingerbread yogurt. And it’s enough to make your taste buds and heart sing. Don’t forget to guess the weight of your yogurt before paying. I missed it by .1 of an ounce. One of these days, Yogurt Xplosion scale, one of these days.

I topped mine with crushed up (I had to crush them) vanilla wafers. My other favorite combo is lemon fro-yo with their cheesecake bites. Looking back, I think cheesecake bites plus vanilla wafers in the gingerbread yogurt may have been an even better combination. It might be best I didn’t go in for the win because my head might have exploded from too much awesome.

Yogurt Xplosion: Making heads explode from awesome. You’re welcome, YX! And you’re welcome, readers. This really will be the best decision you’ve made this week.

PS- Sorry I’ve been MIA. I moved to the west side of town, and just haven’t found any truly inspiring restaurants. In this economy, I’ve made a purely guilt-based decision to not post any negative reviews (unless the positive points out-weigh the negatives), so because of that I’ve had a lack of material. I did make beer butt chicken for the first time last weekend, and plan to post that recipe. I may also try to document my self-inflicted drama-filled inaugural attempt at grilling a pork tenderloin. In related news, I’ll also be taking recommendations for your favorite meat thermometers.

Have a great, fro-yo filled Friday!

New Places To Review

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OK, folks. I’ve noticed my blog’s running dry on places to review. Since I’m a newly relocated west sider, I’m adding a bunch of west side places. But will take suggestions from anywhere in and around Wichita. You can see what I already have on my list on my Upcoming Reviews page. Anything that doesn’t have a link for the name hasn’t been reviewed. And then at the bottom are places outside of Wichita. I’m adding a new section just for the west side. It will include (but isn’t limited to): (more…)

I FINALLY made it to Kanai! I’ve wanted to go there for such a long time but the popular stories about wait times, and no lunch menu made it hard to commit, especially when I lived on the east side. As soon as I moved west, Kanai shot to the top of my “places I need to go immediately” list. And I’m glad I went!


Sometimes when I cook everything falls together in perfect harmony. I can clean as I go (wise words from my mom), and by the time dinner’s ready my kitchen is simultaneously clean. Most times, though? It’s a disaster. A kitchen disaster. A kitchsaster, if you will. Last time I had one of these disasters my sister Kim told me to take a picture and post it on Facebook. So this is my little Friday gift to Kim. Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s hoping your kitchen doesn’t take over your life like this.

Me: I don’t want to clean you, kitchen.
Kitchen: Winning.
Me: This is a product of bad planning.
Kitchen: And you’re a troll with ugly kids and an unevolved brain, duh. Buh bye.
Me: You aren’t even human.
Kitchen: Adonis DNA and tigers blood, bro. Winning!
Me: Bu..
Kitchen: Boom! WINNING!

Happy Birthday To Me!

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Check out the bomb ass cake my sister made for my birthday. Rock Chalk! Thanks, Karla!

I know this isn’t food-related, but I was surprised how few people knew the Sedgwick County Zoo has concerts regularly in the summer. Most summers they have at least one big show (generally the last show of the summer). A few years back Karla and I went to Sister Hazel, and I think it’s the best concert or live music I’ve ever been to. So when I saw Better Than Ezra was playing there I really wanted to go. I mean, really, really, really.