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Let me preface this by saying, I grew up in Colwich, and no matter how much pizza I eat (and I eat A LOT), I have never found a pizza I love more than Gambino’s. I have memories of going here after church on Saturday nights, spending many a snow day eating there, hanging out on quiet Sunday afternoons studying, or even getting to know the local police department on Friday nights (not for bad things, believe it or not) while my sisters finished up their shifts. I have nothing but good memories of Gambino’s and wanted to feature it more for nostalgia reasons, to give Colwich a shout out, and, well, so I’d have a reason to post some pictures.

Pizza is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


I recently came across Provel cheese in the special cheeses section at Dillons. When I first saw it I couldn’t place what I wanted it for, but bought it anyway because I knew at one point I wanted it. I ate it on salads, and even melted it on nachos (don’t judge, I love chips and cheese and was eating homemade salsa). Anyway, then it hit me: ST. LOUIS PIZZA! Everything I read about St. Louis pizza said you HAD to use Provel cheese. And even though I could make my own, I never wanted to take that last step to mix my own cheese. I’m not sure why? The recipe (included) is actually pretty simple.

Melty. Cheesy. Yummy.