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I’ve wanted to go to Luciano’s for awhile. But since it’s in Mulvane, I wasn’t sure I’d be able to talk anyone into going. Especially since I’d heard the place was overpriced. This is where Katie enters the equation. She loves new places! She suggested we go on Sunday, and boy am I glad I did!

Dio, che guarda deliziosa!


I love Italian food. Well, I love pasta. OK, carbs. But, I really do like pasta and especially Italian food. And mostly DeFazio’s (2706 Amidon). I grew up west of Wichita (Colwich, represent!), so my family frequented DeFazio’s. As we got older my parents made it an event to take each of us girls to dinner for our birthdays. I ALWAYS chose DeFazio’s. In fact, I think most of us chose DeFazio’s. But as I’ve grown up (read: moved to the east side of town), my restaurant horizons have expanded. And it seems Sweet Basil (2424 N. Woodlawn) is good competition for DeFazio’s.

Caution: Melty cheesy ahead!