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If there’s one thing I love, it’s hummus and pita. So if you invite me out for Mediterranean/Lebanese, (I won’t lie, I am culturally inept, don’t make me figure out the difference) I’m in. Even if just for hummus, pita and a beer. Mat called lunch this time, citing Lebanese pickles as his weapon of choice. A quick browse around the Internet landed us in Byblos’ lap. Excited? Yes, please.

Hummus. I got the hummus.” -Phoebe (In “The One Where No One’s Ready”)


Yesterday I picked up a cantaloupe from Dillons. They were advertised as locally grown, and on sale. There’s no better win-win situation in the world! When I got it home and cut in to it, I instantly knew everyone in my life needed to have some fresh cantaloupe. So if you love the fruit but are intimidated by the prospect of cutting one (I used to be), this post’s for you!

When fresh fruit is this good, you actually don’t need dessert. No, for real. I’m not just an annoying healthy person saying that but wishing for ice cream. Mmmmm… Ice cream…