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If there’s one thing I love, it’s hummus and pita. So if you invite me out for Mediterranean/Lebanese, (I won’t lie, I am culturally inept, don’t make me figure out the difference) I’m in. Even if just for hummus, pita and a beer. Mat called lunch this time, citing Lebanese pickles as his weapon of choice. A quick browse around the Internet landed us in Byblos’ lap. Excited? Yes, please.

Hummus. I got the hummus.” -Phoebe (In “The One Where No One’s Ready”)


Another stop on my attempt to conquer Southeast Wichita, and all the unexplored dining it has to offer, is N&J’s Cafe and Bakery. I’ll admit, I’ve been to N&J’s before, so this wasn’t a brand new experience for me. But, nonetheless, it was a good excuse to eat Middle Eastern food.

Before I got there, I knew I wanted hummus. And I knew it was served with both fresh and fried pita chips. No brainer. I also knew I needed beer. Luckily, N&J’s offers plenty of that as well!