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I made it back from vacation in sunny, humid South Carolina (Charleston and Folly Beach). I can’t believe how much we did in only four days. But it was a fun trip! I even picked up some local raw, organic honey. And the cutest honey pot. Win!

So, I come home to the best summer weather in the world – cool and rainy. I’m not much of a summer gal (yes, I just got back from a beach vacation, but that doesn’t mean it’s my preferred weather). And after a week of seafood (my own attempts at bacon-wrapped, crab-stuffed shrimp will be forth-coming), I was ready for some fall food – SOUP! I had hamburger and a few Italian sausage links in the freezer, so I set them out to thaw. Then started searching for soup recipes with Italian sausage and hamburger, and kept coming up with minestrone soup recipes, which I don’t love. But after looking at them, realized I could probably make something I DO like by taking out the things I don’t (beans, tomato based broth, and I don’t care for zucchini in soup, no matter how little I cook it, I don’t like the consistency), and amping up the things I do (MEAT!, broth, onions and garlic).


Mmmmm… Soup! 


Today I have a beanless chili recipe for you. It has instant coffee (don’t freak out, it really is good). It has cocoa powder. It has bacon! It’s ALMOST paleo, but I couldn’t resist adding a little hot Italian sausage. And if you’re generally disappointed in the texture of beanless chilis (I can relate), it also has cubed chuck for a variety of texture. If you have any reason to eat beanless chili (diet, your spouse has threatened to divorce you if you dutch oven her one more time, a new variety in chili), give this one a shot. And make changes to it if you’d like. I’m sure it can be improved. But I wanted to document it so future Kelly, who forgets things, will always have this one shining moment in her kitchen documented.



I made this recipe a LONG time ago, and thought I’d posted about it. If I had more pictures, I apologize but I can’t find them. For some reason I’ve had a strange craving for soup this past week. This makes no sense because it’s literally 110 degrees here. But nonetheless, I wanted beef and barley and couldn’t find the recipe on my site. And I think it was good enough to make sure it secures a spot in infamy. This recipe is a nice twist on hamburger vegetable soup. It’s loaded with vegetables, and the barley gives it an interesting texture. It’s a nice change of pace, and freezes very well. All for under 300 calories per bowl. BOOM!


I’m addicted to my iPad. I occasionally call it my “Angry Bird Machine” because I bought it to play Angry Birds, but there are so many reasons to be addicted to this thing. And the newest is I can browse recipes (with pictures – all cookbooks should have professional pictures!) with it. (The only problem is finding a quality application that’s free. I’m cheap.)

Anyway, I was using the “Inspire Me!” feature on‘s app, and came across something called “cheeseburger soup.” Um, what the hell? I look at soup recipes all the time. How have I NEVER heard of such a soup? I’m so in!

I had an awful time getting a good final product picture of this soup.


I love soup. And I love that I’m not married so I can make soup all the time (most guys don’t think soup’s a meal, I think most men are crazy!). Anyway, a long time ago I made white chili that was awesome, but I’ve never been able to find the recipe. So I decided to start from scratch with a new recipe. I looked online at several recipes to get a base idea of what to use, and formed my own recipe. Most were a basic blend of chicken, chicken broth and northern beans. And of course I want mine spicy!

I’m dreaming of a white chili. Just like the one I used to know.


I LOVE potato soup. Well, I love soup in general, but I love potatoes, and I love creamy stuff. So potato soup is the soup of my dreams. Add in stuff like shredded cheese and crumbled bacon, and where could I go wrong? I even give my potato soup a little kick, because, well, everything’s better spicy!

Hells to the yeah!


As the weather is starting to get fall-like (or as I like to call it, “high school football weather” – not because I go to HS football games anymore, just that that’s what this weather reminds me of), it’s time for soup. And lots of it! Hell yeah for soup!

Hello. I am like chili. Only better!