Where could I go wrong? “A flour tortilla filled with sausage, eggs, roasted peppers and onions, pepperjack cheese, and spicy chipotle sauce.”

Um, yum! Right? Nope. Wrong-o.

Looking for a review of Sonic’s Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito? Go here.

I know, I know. I shouldn’t have been anywhere near a tortilla, fast food breakfast, sausage or scrambled eggs. And you never eat an illusive sauce. But, let’s be real. It SOUNDED delicious.

Instead it was disgusting. It was all watery. A result, I assume, of the onions and/or peppers. The liquid overflow was a problem threefold: First, the buritto was drippy. NOT good for eating in the car. And now that we can’t text we have to do SOMETHING while we drive. Jokes. But I know a lot of people hit fast food to eat while they drive. Safe with something like an English muffin breakfast and many breakfast burritos. NOT OK with this thing. Second, it made the tortilla soggy. Sickening. Third, it made the paper tear.

It was unappealing overall. And that’s BEFORE we get to flavor.

It weighed about fifteen pounds (exaggeration but way too big). It was unweildy and fell apart, I finally had to break out a knife and fork, negating the very definition of a burrito. And, again, no way to manage this bad boy while driving. And worst of all, it wasn’t good tasting. It had a weird sweet taste. I blame the roasted peppers. I finally tore the thing apart. Ate some eggs and sausage and a few stray tomatoes. And called it good enough.

Bottom line: Don’t do it. If you want a breakfast burrito, go to Sonic. And get a diet cherry vanilla coke while you’re at it.

  1. Lynds says:

    Yuck that sounds awful! I have been enjoying Subway breakfast every now and then. Some, but not all, Subways have a drive-thru these days.

    • Kelly says:

      I dislike Subway and don’t eat there anymore. I think Jimmy John’s was finally the breaking point for me. It’s ridiculous how long it takes and how rude their workers are. They remind me of Chipotle.

      Anyway, I’ve never had their breakfast, but even with their drive-thrus, I don’t think I will. RUDE. Yes, Subway, I’m calling YOU out!

      I need to get back to making my own breakfast! I feel so unorganized lately.

  2. Kim says:

    YUCK! But, not gonna lie! I laughed at your misfortune, but only because you made it all sound so funny! I LOVE Sonic’s super sonic bfast burrito wo the tator tots! Yum! I do not even really like McD’s bfast burritos, I especially do not like the McSkillet burrito (it may not even be around anymore, but it was el grosso)!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m not sure anywhere really has a good breakfast burrito. I’ve heard those fast Mexican places (like Rene’s, Alejandro’s, Mexican Burrito, etc.) have the best breakfast burritos. But the Sonic one is at the top of my list, I think.

  3. Jeanette says:

    If you have no care about your cholesterol then yes, Rene’s, Alejandros, etc is the way to go. We periodically will have Rene’s here at work and while they are a bit greasy they are a delightful treat. Also, way too big. It’s best to use the buddy system with Rene’s. AND you can choose bacon or sausage. I do love bacon but I love my bacon alone (or on a BLT). I have strange rules when it comes to bacon that I can not explain so please don’t ask, just don’t put bacon on or in anything of mine. And while you’re discussing things not to eat for breakfast…add the muffin sandwich from BK. Tastes like plastic. Ok, I think I’m done. I say g’day.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m NOT a fan of Rene’s. It’s a love-hate relationship. People either love it or hate it. OK, that’s not the real definition of love-hate, but in this case it applies. I don’t mind Alejandro’s (by my house). And the one trip I had to Mexican Burrito was good (although neither’s ever involved a breakfast burrito). I can see how the buddy system would be necessary, though.

      If we’re choosing ALL breakfasts (and not just burritos). I’m rolling with my new fave: Riverside Cafe Too. Yum.

  4. Kendra says:

    Okay, I dunno. I had the SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito at Sonic and I just wasn’t a huge fan. That sucker was so damn big I couldn’t fit my mouth around it (twss — I HAD TO). (:

    But seriously, I actually like McDs. I guess it’s all preference, but I know I would hate Braum’s just by your description. YUCK!

    • Kelly says:

      Braums had a normal breakfast burrito, too, that was probably OK. Just NOT the southwest chipotle one. I don’t think there’s ever been a breakfast burrito I HATE, until this one. I like the supersonic one because it has jalapenos and tomatoes. And I don’t hate McD’s. I’ll eat one if you get it for me. Well, let’s be real, I’d probably need two. Those are on the flimsy side. Which is why I’d just go for a McMuffin and save both money and calories.

  5. […] on here for Sonic’s new Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito. I think because of my post about the disgusting-don’t-waste-your-time Braum’s Southwest Burrito…. I’d heard the commercials, and I have to say I was mostly intrigued by the promise of […]

  6. Matt says:

    I tried it this morning and I agree. I love chipotle but this is just terriable. Pass on this one.

  7. eihcim says:

    Eww! Does not sound too good. I work there

  8. JMHO says:

    You missed the point. Braum’s uses fresh vegetables because they take it from their own shelf. Yes it is big and unwieldy but that is just because it’s not for wimps. It’s like comparing a spring roll(sonic) to an egg roll (braum’s). Maybe you should pull over and actually eat instead of trying to do both and not managing either well. Just a thought. :)

    • Kelly says:

      I believe YOU missed my point. The thing was watery, had a gross flavor, and was overall withe worst burrito I’ve ever had.

      The size of the things was a carryover issue of the watery, falling apart, drippy mess.

      And using fresh veggies as an excuse for a watery burrito is pretty weak. I make lots of stuff with fresh veggies, and it’s not watery like that.

      The fact that I’m still so passionate about how gross this burrito was, four years later, says something. Hopefully their recipe has improved.

      And if you love it, great. I’m not saying no one can love it. Simply that I didn’t.

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