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I love caramel. No, really. Love it. It’s one of the few things in my life I’d commit to because I know my love is everlasting. I have found reason to cut back (way back to nothing) on dairy recently. It saddens me. Mostly because of cheese (my other love). But also because of caramel.

The truth, though, is it’s good that I have to avoid caramel made with dairy. Why, you ask? Because how often do you get plain old, delicious, perfect caramel? Maybe at Christmas time. Usually, though, I’m stuck eating caramel with something. Like with chocolate coating. Or with some type of nuts. The real craving is for caramel. Just caramel. And not those blocks of Kraft caramels. You know, the plastic-wrapped ones that are good, but also kind of hard and not quite creamy enough. Those are good candies for grandpas to carry in the front pocked of their overalls, but they’re not good for adults who know what real love is.

A week or so ago, Tropical Traditions had coconut cream concentrate on sale. Coconut cream concentrate, also called coconut butter, is essentially ground up coconut. Similar to how peanut butter or almond butter is just ground up peanuts or almonds. Can you make this stuff yourself? Sure. But it was on sale, and Tropical Traditions is a very reputable company. I bought a gallon of their Gold Label virgin coconut oil this last winter from them, and it’s already almost gone. I’m a single girl. I’m not ashamed of my intake of medium chain fatty acids!

Anyway, this isn’t an advertisement for Tropical Traditions. Although, if you’re wondering, yes, you should buy from them. This is for what the coconut cream concentrate inspired me to do: make my very first caramels!


Sweet mother of deliciousness. Is this what it’s like to have faith that there’s good in the world?


It’s Black (and Yellow) Friday, Wichitans! Whether you’re a die hard Shockers fan, a band-waggoner, or a casual fan, it’s celebrating time! WSU’s had a fantastic run in the tournament, and if you’re going to a bar tomorrow, you need something festive to get you to 5:00. So here’s the best yellow cupcake with chocolate frosting recipe (according to the recipe title) I could find. So I present to you, chocolate chip cookie dough yellow cupcakes with chocolate cream cheese frosting. Yes, they are as decadent as they sound. And if your audience is anyone other than my co-workers, they’ll love these things



Blueberries are all the rage right now. They’re plump, juicy and reasonably priced. And I’ve been eating them in and on everything. So when I saw America’s Test Kitchen was using blueberries as the subject for this week’s Fresh Food Challenge, I knew I wanted to tackle something blueberry. I love lemons, and I love blueberries, so when I saw this recipe for lemon blueberry bread, I knew it was my destiny.

Blueberries: Not just Violet Beauregarde’s fate.


America’s Test Kitchen recently held a blogging contest I intended to participate in. But moving trumped blogging. So while I remembered to make the cookies, I completely forgot to blog about them. But I figured prize or not, I’d go ahead and follow through.

“C is for cookie, thats good enough for me!”


On Super Bowl Sunday, I was unprepared to bring a snack. I’d put off and put off choosing because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to make. This left me scrolling through pictures of cookies and whatnot looking for something that caught my attention. No one will be surprised I stopped at a recipe for “caramel bars.” Although others might be surprised I made them even though they had chocolate in them.

How can a person NOT like caramel? It’s inhumane.


Well, Thanksgiving is long gone. But dreams of my apple pie aren’t. I’ve been making apple pie for Thanksgiving since I was in high school and randomly ran into a friend’s mom at Dillons on Thanksgiving Eve. I don’t have a clue why I was there. I wasn’t buying food. I was actually getting something for my friend’s hair I was crimping in E1 at Pizza Hut. Hey, I was 17. Don’t ask.


My department at work is having a chili cookoff today. My white chili and red chili recipes are boring. So I opted to make a side. Cinnamon Twists! You might remember this recipe from an older post. Well, I made them again today!

“Good day. I’m here to stretch your stomach on this, the holiest of days. Thanksgiving Eve.”