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I’m not posting this recipe because it’s complicated, I’m posting it because it’s so dang simple. My sister makes wings and I always think, “Sheesh, way too much work for such little meat!” Even though she said it’s easy I don’t believe her because she makes intricate cakes and cupcakes and cookies and whatnot. Stuff I don’t have the patience for. I love food, but I hate messing stuff up. Plus, I was always intimidated by cutting up the wings. So unless they came pre-cut on sale, I never buy them.

That said, I’m working on the best recipe for smoked wings. I’m not there yet. But in the meantime, this is a good go-to. Again, like the St. Louis BBQ steaks, would be a perfect 4th of July food. Or once it cools off, a football or basketball game watching food. Basketball season, I miss you (NBA doesn’t count for me).

So, here it is. A super-simple recipe (along with a short video to show you how to cut wings if you never have).


Yum, right?


I love homemade salsa. In fact, I struggle with store-bought salsa. Partially because of the unnecessary price tag, but mostly because it’s always a letdown. Especially when I go to any number of Mexican restaurants and they have delicious salasa. It can’t be that hard to make, right? My friend Michelle told me her favorite recipe is Pioneer Woman’s Restaurant Style Salsa. I figured it was a good place to start. And with very few tweeks have come up with my own favorite and simple homemade salsa.

Aye! Aye! Aye!


Katie, Des and I get together every few months. We make dinner, drink wine, catch up, and usually post a few funny only to us statuses. They’re some of my favorite nights. This month was my night to host. Hosting means you put together a menu including an appetizer, entrée, sides and dessert. You get the entrée ready before anyone arrives (in theory), then you drink wine and cook, and finally drink more wine. Good times are had by all. I’d been wanting The Land of Plenty cookbook for a while, so this was my excuse to buy it. I immediately felt in over my head.


My only passion and drive in life is to find the best queso dip(s) out there. Once I conquer the queso, I’m opening the Quesodome! Yes, people, it’s going to happen! (Don’t worry, Karla, we’ll house your bakery on the first floor.)

Oooh child. Things are gonna get cheesier!


After my delicious dinner at To Chau, I was inspired to attempt more Asian cooking. This meant I had to first recipe hunt, then go to an Asian market and ingredient hunt. Viva la Vietnamese cuisine! I’m ready for a challenge!

“I look tasty. But do I taste tasty?”