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I’ve been eating on my frozen whole wheat waffles for a few months now. I mostly ate them on weekends as a treat, but decided rather than saving the waffles for special occasions, I should make something I can eat everyday. And it’s fall. So pumpkin pancakes were the perfect solution!

Mmmmmm…. Fluffy, yummy, pumpkiny pancakes



Yesterday I was inspired by a blogger’s grandma’s cinnamon twists. Fortunately or otherwise, there was no recipe involved. This meant I had to figure out how to make something similar, with no starting point. Several months ago I made cinnamon raisin bread. It was slightly undercooked so I never blogged about it. I figured I could take the cinnamon raisin dough, the cinnamon twists concept, butter and sweet stuff and voila! Sweet, frosted deliciousness!

I can smell the cinnamony goodness.