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Ever since I brined my first pork chop, I’ve been a brine believer. I don’t know why I never thought to bring meat before, but for some reason I always thought brining was for turkeys on Thanksgiving. And even then, I figured people were just trying to be all, “Look at me, brining a turkey!” I didn’t realize what a difference it makes.

On my journey to eat healthier, not only am I trying to find good sources of meat, but I’m trying to learn to eat AND ENJOY all parts of the animal. As a child, I wasn’t much of a fan of meat (or vegetables, or really anything but cheese and pop). While trying to lose the weight I gained in college, I learned to like vegetables. It was a slow, focused, meticulous process of eating a tiny bit of a vegetable with something I DID like. Or covering it in a sauce, or baking into a casserole or hiding in soup. I know, an adult eating like a child. But it worked. And I’m convinced you can learn to like anything – either by adapting to the taste, or finding better ways to cook stuff.


I have a confession: I eat chicken skin (it’s like bacon from chickens). And I love dark meat! 


I made it back from vacation in sunny, humid South Carolina (Charleston and Folly Beach). I can’t believe how much we did in only four days. But it was a fun trip! I even picked up some local raw, organic honey. And the cutest honey pot. Win!

So, I come home to the best summer weather in the world – cool and rainy. I’m not much of a summer gal (yes, I just got back from a beach vacation, but that doesn’t mean it’s my preferred weather). And after a week of seafood (my own attempts at bacon-wrapped, crab-stuffed shrimp will be forth-coming), I was ready for some fall food – SOUP! I had hamburger and a few Italian sausage links in the freezer, so I set them out to thaw. Then started searching for soup recipes with Italian sausage and hamburger, and kept coming up with minestrone soup recipes, which I don’t love. But after looking at them, realized I could probably make something I DO like by taking out the things I don’t (beans, tomato based broth, and I don’t care for zucchini in soup, no matter how little I cook it, I don’t like the consistency), and amping up the things I do (MEAT!, broth, onions and garlic).


Mmmmm… Soup! 


I’m a master procrastinator. All weekend I knew I was going to make a roast for lunches this week. And all weekend I procrastinated taking it out of my freezer. I have so much stuff in my freezer, it’s hard to find what I want. The funny thing is when I finally went down to the freezer, at 10PM on Sunday, the roasts were right there on the top. However, it wasn’t a bad thing. I got to read up on how to cook frozen roasts (which led me to my recipe – which DOESN’T contain onion soup mix!), and how to defrost quickly when your roast doesn’t fit into your crockpot when it’s frozen solid. So, everyone gets to share in the joy!


Here come the meat sweats! 


I’m not posting this recipe because it’s complicated, I’m posting it because it’s so dang simple. My sister makes wings and I always think, “Sheesh, way too much work for such little meat!” Even though she said it’s easy I don’t believe her because she makes intricate cakes and cupcakes and cookies and whatnot. Stuff I don’t have the patience for. I love food, but I hate messing stuff up. Plus, I was always intimidated by cutting up the wings. So unless they came pre-cut on sale, I never buy them.

That said, I’m working on the best recipe for smoked wings. I’m not there yet. But in the meantime, this is a good go-to. Again, like the St. Louis BBQ steaks, would be a perfect 4th of July food. Or once it cools off, a football or basketball game watching food. Basketball season, I miss you (NBA doesn’t count for me).

So, here it is. A super-simple recipe (along with a short video to show you how to cut wings if you never have).


Yum, right?


Normally I don’t waste my time posting a replicate or review of another site’s recipe. Partially because I generally change the recipe and then link to the origination of its former self. But also because, why reinvent the wheel? But, in this case, I think you fellow Wichitans should take advantage of pork shoulder steaks and make this happen. Soon. Maybe on the 4th of July? That’s when I plan to make it again!

So, what do we have? Well, we have a replica of Cook’s Kitchen’s recipe, with one clarification (it frustrates me when a cooking show that claims to be scientific misses the specifics), and one modification for my tastes. First, let’s get our salivary glands going with an unnecessarily close up shot of meat. Mmmmm. Meat.

ImageSeriously, I am NOT a huge BBQ fan, and this is delicious. I don’t lie. Why would I? 


About a month ago I bought my first portion of a cow. An 1/8th of a cow, to be exact, but I bought 25 extra pounds of ground beef. My sister says it’s all in my head, but I swear this ground beef tastes better than any ground beef I’ve ever had. Anyway, since I bought so much, I have been having ground beef as a breakfast or snack staple. Specifically, I love this recipe. I’ve been making it for weeks and it’s fantastic. This week I made some guacamole to go along with it. I look forward to it every day!

A side note: I have a couple of weird food intolerances going on. One is eggs, which isn’t an issue with this recipe. The other is peppers. Any kind of peppers: sweet, hot, chilis, etc. But only if they’re fresh or canned. Dry doesn’t bother me (I assume it’s either that the pepper’s so processed, or because you use such a small amount). Anyway, I’ve been find with adding chipotle pepper, chili powder, smoked paprika and even Sriracha to stuff. I do it as minimally as I can stand, but if I eat even a little bit of fresh or canned peppers, my face breaks out, and I hate to think what’s going on inside my body. So keep that in mind with these two recipes. Both would be better with fresh peppers.

Also, due to my allergy, I drain my tomatoes with green chilis and pick out the chilis. It’s a lot of work. I don’t doubt this recipe would be just as good with the chilis in it, but I’ve been eating it without.



Today I have a beanless chili recipe for you. It has instant coffee (don’t freak out, it really is good). It has cocoa powder. It has bacon! It’s ALMOST paleo, but I couldn’t resist adding a little hot Italian sausage. And if you’re generally disappointed in the texture of beanless chilis (I can relate), it also has cubed chuck for a variety of texture. If you have any reason to eat beanless chili (diet, your spouse has threatened to divorce you if you dutch oven her one more time, a new variety in chili), give this one a shot. And make changes to it if you’d like. I’m sure it can be improved. But I wanted to document it so future Kelly, who forgets things, will always have this one shining moment in her kitchen documented.