Upcoming Reviews

West Side

  • Avivo – 2441 North Maize Road, Ste 101
  • Red Beans – 7447 W. 21st Street
  • Doc’s Steak House – 1515 N Broadway
  • Savutes – 3303 N Broadway
  • Sit @ Thai Bistro – 7603 West 21st Street
  • Margarita’s Cantina – 3109 East Douglas (I’ve been a bunch of times but want an excuse to go back)
  • Stick & Rudder Club – 3303 N Broadway
  • Hong Kong – 3028 S Seneca
  • Hana Cafe – 325 N Mead (this is my shameless way of finding someone to eat with so I can have Bi Bim Bab)
  • The Donut Whole – 1720 E Douglas
  • Gindi Thai & Japanese – 7010 W 21st
  • Wasabi – 3242 N. Rock Rd (once it opens)
  • Hot Stone Korean Grill – 3743 N Rock Rd
  • Thai Smile – 1523 S Seneca

January – March 2011 (I know I’m behind on past lists. They’re still on the “to do” list)

  • The Biggest Cheese (1021 West Maple Street) – I mean, how could I NOT want to go here?
  • Old Mill Tasty Shop (604 East Douglas Avenue) – I think they’re only open for lunch (unless there’s a big event downtown).
  • Dolci and Joes (3425 East Douglas Avenue)
  • River City Brewery (150 North Mosley) – For their mac and cheese, if they still serve it.
  • Sport Burger (134 N Hillside St) – I heard these burgers are better than Southeast Carryout. Not sure I believe it, but I’ll give it a shot. Southeast currently reigns as my all-time favorite burger in Wichita.
  • Bierocks, Brats n’ BBQ (1225 W. Douglas) – For bierocks, of course. I don’t think I’ve EVER ordered a bierock from a restaurant. They also have homemade chips. Bonus!
  • Walt’s – (Central and 235) According to a recommendation of co-worker, I need to have one of their burgers. I THINK I’ve eaten there before, but can’t remember.
  • My Tho (500 E Central) – I hear they have the best pho. I’ve had pho and loved it at Pho Hien Noodle Soup Co, Pho Hot and To Chau. So may as well add this place to the list (along with Pho Hien Noodle Soup Co, which is listed below and I still intend to get to).
  • Mings (1625 South Seneca) – Kay mentioned this in my Egg Roll King post. I haven’t added new restaurants in awhile, so I figured why not!

September – December 2010 –  Thanks everyone for your suggestions!

  • Ty’s Diner (928 W 2nd St N, 67203) for burgers and fries
  • Burger Stand (1757 N Mosley St, 67214) for burgers and fries (per Amber)
  • Poblano (343 S Greenwich Rd Ste 101, 67207) – The best hot sauce I’ve ever had!
  • The Artichoke (811 N Broadway, 67214) I’ve wanted to try their sandwiches for years!
  • Jimmy’s Egg (7906 E. Harry, 67207) For biscuits and gravy, and sweet potato pancakes (for my friend Alisa!)
  • Passage to India (6140 E 21st St N Ste 140, 67208) Indian food (per Amira)
  • Pho Hien Noodle Soup Co (1705 N Broadway St, 67214) – I wonder if I can get Banh Mi here? Or if LK wanted me to try something else? I’ve wanted to try Banh Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) for awhile…  (per LK) – Side note, I DID try Banh Mi at Pho Hot after writing this, so now I’ll be on the conquest for something else. Or, you know, pho.
  • Usuluteco (1714 E Northern St, 67216) – Salvadoran food (per LK)
  • TJ’s Burger House (1003 W Douglas Ave, 67213 or Harry and Webb, 67207) Burgers and fries – take three! (per LK)
  • Fat Ernies (2806 S Hydraulic St, 67216) Fried chicken (per LK)
  • Emperor’s Grill (2250 N Ridge Rd Ste 200, 67205) Hibachi Japanese food with NO SHOW!?!? Sign me up! (per LK)
  • Wichita Fish Company (1601 W Douglas Ave, 67213) Seafood, duh (with Jeanette!)
  • Byblos (3088  W 13th St N) – Lebanese food (with Karla and Mat – “Apparently Lebanese pickles are THE BEST???!?!” -Karla)

July and August 2010 – Operation: Southeast Wichita

The remainder of the summer I’m going to focus on reviewing a bunch of southeast Wichita restaurants. I live on the SE side of town and am embarrassed to admit how few restaurants I’ve tried. I’m not even sure all of these still exist (Amigo’s, for example, I tried to go to and it looked like a Chinese restaurant, but online reviews say it’s turned to a Chinese restaurant, but still has Mexican – this makes me want to go more!). I’ve compiled the list based on Internet searches and making notes of names I see on buildings when I drive by. And I’m sure I’m still missing some great places.

As I review a place, the name of the restaurant will link to the review.

Stragglers for July and August 2010

  • Bossa Grill – Brazilian (3242 N. Rock Road, 67226) – It’s brand new, it’s Brazilian (which I’ve never had) and it’s near work. So I’m going ASAP! (Opens July 12th)
  • DeFazio’s – Italian (2706 North Amidon Avenue, 67204) – This won’t be a new restaurant for me. In fact, it’s one of my all-time favorites. But I want to include pictures to entice you, so I’m going again. Plus, I haven’t been in a LONG TIME. But, I’m telling you now, go. Order the Italian salad. Crunch up the wheat crackers on top. Delicious. And order anything with sausage. More to come when I give an official review!

Long-Term Review Plans:

Rockin’ The Suburbs – The “Outside of ICT” List

  • Gambino’s – Colwich
  • Casa Martinez – Derby
  • Pizza John’s – Derby
  • Nancy’s A-Maize-N Sandwiches – Maize
  • Anchor Inn – Hutchinson
  • El Azteca – Park City
  • Neives’ – Winfield
  • Bravo’s Italiani – Valley Center (apparently I need to get the chicken marsala)
  • Chapeau – Pratt, KS (per Seth)
  1. Kendra says:

    Ohhh, Sakura is so good! And Sal’s, been there too. LOVE IT! I wasn’t sure it was still there though.

    • Kelly says:

      I’m not sure if Sal’s is still there, either. I’ve been once, I think it was in 2007. And I’ve been once to Sakura, but wanted to go back before reviewing it.

  2. […] N&J's Cafe and Bakery, review, Wichita Kansas, wichita ks 0 Another stop on my attempt to conquer Southeast Wichita, and all the unexplored dining it has to offer, is N&J’s Cafe and Bakery. I’ll […]

  3. […] Southeast Carryout – 1520 S Oliver #ictdining #review Posted: July 21, 2010 by Kelly in 67218, Burgers and Fries, East Wichita, Restaurant, Southeast Wichita Tags: best burgers, cheese, cheese fries, cheeseburger, chicken nuggets, chili, coke, fries, hamburger, hotdog, pepsi, review, SE Carryout, Southeast Carryout, Wichita, Wichita Kansas, wichita ks 0 I have wanted to eat at Southeast Carryout since I worked near it in 2001. At the time I was still in college/freshly out and didn’t have a lot of extra spending money. And I was eating really healthy. Thanks probably to not having a ton of spending money. But those are days of yon. Now I have spending money, and I seem to spend a lot of it on food and drinks. Ah well. We finally switched locations in 2005, and I hadn’t thought much about it since then. Until I started to compile my “Southeast Wichita Restaurants I Need to Eat” list. […]

  4. […] 0 My friend Sara and I have been trying to get together for lunch and tackle an item on my “Operation: Southeast Wichita” review list for awhile. With summer coming to a close (and her return to school imminent), […]

  5. LK says:

    Try the pho @ Hien Pho (or is it Hein?) on N. Broadway (S. of 21st)… the lunch @ Maharaja (best Indian food in town with lots of vegetarian-friendly offerings) on West Central (a few blocks W of Meridian). Usuleteco (sp?) in Wichita’s South City neighborhood has yummy Salvadoran food just a block or so SE from Hydraulic and Wassall. TJ’s Burger Hut in Delano does a dang good burger and stew. I think Fat Ernies (just around corner from Usuleteco on Hydraulic) has best fried chicken in town, and pretty good everything else, too. Friends rave about the liver and onions, but that’s just not my thing. Emperor’s Grill is a good value for hibachi Japanese (no show, same taste, much lower price!)

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  7. […] HomeAboutUpcoming RecipesUpcoming Reviews […]

  8. […] HomeAboutUpcoming RecipesUpcoming Reviews […]

  9. I would be interested in your take on Jack’s North High Carry Out. It is directly across from North High School as the name implies. They serve (from what I can remember) Hamburgers & Fries (I am sure there is more). They were my first off campus meal in high school… And my dad’s!!! I graduated in 1998 & He did in 69 or 70…

    It’s a North High Tradition!!!

    • Kelly says:

      You know, I originally started to put this place on my list, and then it sold. Not that the new owners wouldn’t do it up right, but sometimes when a place sells, it’s not as good as the original. I think this place has sold several times. There are so many great burger places in Wichita, it was hard to add a “maybe” to the list. Of course, I’ve been to my share of not-so-great burger places that are proclaimed as awesome. So may as well add it to the list!

  10. Emily says:

    You should review Picasso’s Pizzeria, Ruben’s, Pour Haus or British Banger Company all in Delano sometime.

  11. Amiee says:

    I think for authentic and fabulous mexican food, you should travel north… Being as you love DeFazio’s (As do I – and BONUS it is 0.02 miles from my house, I literally can walk/ride my bike there) I’m surprised you haven’t hit up the close Mexican restaurants… Tacos Raymundo, Dona Lupe’s, Connies, El Paiso…. I’m salivating thinking of the deliciousness! Happy dinners to you!

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