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I reviewed Po Boy Pizza back in August. I gave rave reviews, and then continued to slap myself for not realizing how awesome they are before uprooting myself to become a Westsider. In the meantime, the house sale has become a huge mess, and I’ve frequented Po Boy as a homage to what soon will be “remember when” days.

What could be wrong when everything looks SO RIGHT?


While I’ve never complained about southeast Wichita’s restaurant selection (since I can’t even make it through my pared down original list), I was originally disappointed by the lack of one-off Mexican restaurants. There used to be a spot at Lincoln and Oliver, in the shopping center near Southeast Carryout. And of course, you always have Felipe’s at Harry and Webb. And the lesser-known La Posada a little closer to Kellogg at Oliver. But I love cheese, and my cheese craving most successfully gets fulfilled at Mexican (or Tex-Mex) restaurants. And for the most part, I had to hit up Felipe’s to get that fill. Not that that’s bad. But nonetheless, I was excited to see a new spot in the old Angelo’s on Oliver. OK, I know it’s been other places since Angelo’s but that’s what I always think of. Man, what I’d give for an Angelo’s vegetable sandwich with extra Italian dressing. But I’m digressing. We’re here to talk cheese. Let there be cheese!


I’m a sucker for advertisement… And since I’ve never LOVED Wendy’s fries, I decided I’d give their “natural cut fries with sea salt” a try.

First of all, let’s be clear here: No matter what you fry the fries in and what kind of salt you put on them, they’re NOT healthy. I’m not sure they’re marketing for health appeal, I think it’s more from a “real deal” perspective. And while these fries were leaps and bounds better than their old fries (unfortunately, this means I’ll want Wendy’s more often than just a random cheeseburger), they weren’t anything amazing. They were crunchy (which is an upgrade from their old soggy fries). And they were ironically overly salty (whereas I remember Wendy’s as the place that throws salt in your bag because their fries are so bland).  Let’s meet in the middle on the salt wagon, Wendy!

We’ll still throw in a packet of salt. But you won’t need it!

Overall, though, the fries were an upgrade from the old. And Wendy’s must know it, too, because they’ve flat out replaced the old fries with these newbies. They’re marketed as “naturally cut from a Russet potato with skins on.” I definitely didn’t think they tasted fresh cut and fried, but still. Upgrade.

Alright, who hasn’t heard of mother nature’s greatest creation? Denny’s grilled cheese with fried mozzarella sticks in the middle? I’m a sucker for grilled cheese after a night of drinking so when I saw this invention I knew it was created for me. The only way it could be better? Cheese sauce to dip your side of fries in. Yes, this mammoth sandwich comes with fries. I don’t even want to know the calorie count. OK, I do. But when I’m ordering I don’t want to consider it.

Cheesy, spicy, fried, bread. What else could I want?


For the past few days I’ve had lots of hits on here for Sonic’s new Spicy Southwest Breakfast Burrito. I think because of my post about the disgusting-don’t-waste-your-time Braum’s Southwest Burrito…. I’d heard the commercials, and I have to say I was mostly intrigued by the promise of crispy jalapeno strips. But the thought of a 1,000 calorie burrito first thing in the morning wasn’t very appetizing (mind you that was my estimation of the calorie count, stay tuned for the actual count). Always up to a challenge set directly or indirectly by my readers, I ventured out to Sonic. I figured, if nothing else I could start my morning with a Diet Cherry Vanilla Coke. Sweet, frosted deliciousness!

So far, I look like any other burrito… Kind of boring. Huh. Why do I like burritos? Oh, wait. OK. Focus.

Burrito: “Will you wish you’d had my cousin the SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito instead?”

Only time, and chewing, will tell!


I. Love. Pizza. Growing up I was spoiled with Gambino’s pizza, especially when my sisters worked there. They have a knack for making good food amazing. But my move to east Wichita left me looking for a consistent, great place to get my pizza fix. When I very first moved into my house I think Upper Crust was open. But it closed shortly after so I never got to try it. For awhile I ate Papa Murphy’s. Economical, but I can’t explain why or how but I grew tired of them. I don’t know if their recipe changed, but my taste for them definitely did. For a span Knolla’s/Geno John’s/Air Capital Pizza moved in. And I loved going there. They always had goofy people at the counter who made every visit fun. And I LOVE their crust, sauce and toppings. YUM. Alas, they abandoned me, too.  One staple, though (aside from chain restaurants), has been Po Boy Pizza.

My ode to pizza: I love you.


My friend Sara and I have been trying to get together for lunch and tackle an item on my “Operation: Southeast Wichita” review list for awhile. With summer coming to a close (and her return to school imminent), we finally seized the day. At Ah-So Oriental. And it was Ah-So GOOD!

Macro shot of a food that’s also a song title. Intrigued? Keep reading to find out more!


I have wanted to eat at Southeast Carryout since I worked near it in 2001. At the time I was still in college/freshly out and didn’t have a lot of extra spending money. And I was eating really healthy. Thanks probably to not having a ton of spending money. But those are days of yon. Now I have spending money, and I seem to spend a lot of it on food and drinks. Ah well. We finally switched locations in 2005, and I hadn’t thought much about it since then. Until I started to compile my “Southeast Wichita Restaurants I Need to Eat” list.

“We’re what’s been missing from your life for the past nine years….”


When I think of diners, I have visions of a small town gathering place where people are are laid back and friendly (but not the type of friendly that’s only looking for a tip) and the food is delicious. I’ve wanted to hit up Riverside Cafe since it opened, but always said I’d wait until I have a good breakfast food craving. Well that craving hit on Monday afternoon. I walked in and felt like I’d traveled back in time, in a good way.


I’ve wanted to go to To Chau for a long time, but arranging dinner with a group wasn’t panning out. So I finally decided I needed pho, and headed off to quench the craving. If you’ve never had pho or are scared of it, I’ll give this review from that perspective. In fact, I think I’ll use my friends at Wikipedia for more background, if you want it. I was intimidated the first time I had it. But it’s a fun meal because they bring they base, and you season to your taste.

“Mmmmmm. Noodle soup.” -Joey Tribiani, Friends