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I’ve hit a lull lately in the recipes I make. I seem to be falling into a routine, reusing the same recipes over and over. For those who don’t know, I’m a big fan of freezing my own meals. I use them all the time for lunches, and even occasionally for dinner. I LOVE it. I can be in the kitchen cooking for a day or a few evenings, then have lunches to last me months. But like I said, I’ve been having trouble lately finding something new. And healthy. Then I ran across a recipe for butternut squash enchiladas. They sounded good but I figured they’d be better kept for fall. And searched for sweet potato enchiladas instead. After several tweaks to make the recipe a little more figure-friendly, I think I’ve come up with a winner!

This looks like something straight out of an unhealthy Mexican restaurant, right? Well, it tastes more sinful than it is.



It seems like all I’ve eaten since it’s cooled off is soup or stew or chili or something very similar. I decided I wanted something different, and Mom suggested chicken and rice. I actually wasn’t a huge fan of the dish when I was younger, but I think it was a combination of the spices used and too much sour cream. Plus, it’s been at least eight years since I’ve had it, so who knows. Maybe it’ll be my new favorite!

Cheese and rice that looks delicious!


My mom has a super-easy, no-fail, crowd pleasing sour cream sancho recipe that’s simple, inexpensive, and because it reminds me of being young, is comfort food. I have recently been trying to find a way to sneak vegetables (yes, apparently I am a six year old child) into otherwise veggie-free fare. In today’s installment of “make it a little healthier,” I’ve made some changes to the recipe, and feel like we had success!


Do you ever have a craving for a casserole? No? Am I the only one? I know a lot of people associate casseroles with bland, over-made, boring meals. But I like casseroles. Mostly because they make packing lunch easy. When I grill or make a side of meat, I rarely want to eat it the next day. And lots of other foods seem to not taste as good the next day. Soups and casseroles, on the other hand, warm up well, are easy to take to work, and if you season them well enough, aren’t bland or boring!

Disclaimer: I think most casseroles, when made as the recipe describes, are pretty boring. Why is that? That’s like how most crockpot dishes rely on cream of something soup. Weird.

Yes, you do see cheese. And macaroni, black olives, beans, tomatoes and ground beef. Enticed?


I’m not sure whether I should post my fails here or not. I decided I may as well. Maybe someone can learn from my mistakes. But let me tell you something, it SUCKS when you spend all day or night making something and then have it turn out to be a disappointment. I’d had a decent run with all of the new stuff I’ve been making recently. I undercooked some cinnamon raisin bread, but other than that everything I’ve made has been pretty dang good. I should have known my cooking demise was on the horizon. It sucks it happened twice in a row.

Spoiler alert: It’s burnt