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This is a long overdue post. Jeanette and I rocked some Wichita Fish Company several weeks ago. It was delicious, life was good. Afterwords we went down the street to The Shamrock, where it was bike night. No, literally, bike night. People riding bicycles. And we encountered a couple of creepers. One who thought Jeanette’s nose was cute. Not that it’s NOT cute, but dude was still creepy.

Fish? And it’s not Friday? And we don’t feel like it’s punishment?



Born and raised a Catholic girl, I spent most of my life scrunching my nose at the mention of seafood. And I don’t think it was closed-mindedness. Rather, I blame Lent. When Lenten “sacrifices” involved eating fish on Fridays, I naturally assumed fish was some type of punishment. And it doesn’t help when the extent of my fish experiences involved fish sticks and canned tuna, and the unappetizing odor associated with both. Would I like fish for dinner? No thank you.