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OK friends, this isn’t what I promised, but the Pizza Crusade kind of lost steam. We still visited several establishments, and I think we’ve come to a conlcusion of our favorites for different reasons. So I’ll summarize them really quickly. I know this deserves more time/service, but it’s what I’ve got, and I’ve been procrastinating other posts because this one is undone.


Mmmmm….. Pizza. 



It didn’t take Crystal, Kristy and I too long to mark one of the newly listed places to review off the list! I have seen Avivo in New Market Square on one of the few dreaded occasions I go to that God forsaken corner of Wichita. Is it just me, or is that the absolute most congested part of town? I don’t know whose idea it was to shove a mess of stores and restaurants on one corner, but mission accomplished. Now I avoid it like the plague. Well, except for last Friday, apparently. Hey, a girl has a right to change her mind. Even mid-paragraph.

P is for pizza, that’s good enough for me.


I reviewed Po Boy Pizza back in August. I gave rave reviews, and then continued to slap myself for not realizing how awesome they are before uprooting myself to become a Westsider. In the meantime, the house sale has become a huge mess, and I’ve frequented Po Boy as a homage to what soon will be “remember when” days.

What could be wrong when everything looks SO RIGHT?


This blog’s been a little pizza-laden lately. But I like a pizza (or beer or queso)-laden life. So I’m not complaining. And in this case, I’m sure I’ll confirm what a lot of Derby-ites already know! I’ve heard about Pizza John’s for years. Many say they’re the only competition for my love of Gambino’s in Colwich. And love I do have for pizza. I’d say my top three before going to Pizza John’s was probably Gambino’s, Pacific Coast Pizza, and this random (and nameless because we don’t remember) pizza place in Vegas where Sarah and I ordered pizza after a day of watching the NCAA basketball tournament and having a coupon slipped under the door. Let’s not discuss how we learned later this is NOT a safe practice (calling the number of a random place slipped under your door). And I’d also like to give a Southeast Wichita salute to Po Boy Pizza for their pizza rolls (I’ve never had their pizza because I dream about the rolls). I should make eating the actual pizza a checklist item before moving, huh? But, like usual, I digress.

Do I already have people lining up to road trip to Derby?


Let me preface this by saying, I grew up in Colwich, and no matter how much pizza I eat (and I eat A LOT), I have never found a pizza I love more than Gambino’s. I have memories of going here after church on Saturday nights, spending many a snow day eating there, hanging out on quiet Sunday afternoons studying, or even getting to know the local police department on Friday nights (not for bad things, believe it or not) while my sisters finished up their shifts. I have nothing but good memories of Gambino’s and wanted to feature it more for nostalgia reasons, to give Colwich a shout out, and, well, so I’d have a reason to post some pictures.

Pizza is proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy.


When I heard the old Knolla’s/Geno John’s/Papa Murphy’s reopened as a new pizza place, I knew I had to try it! Especially since it was the day before my birthday, and, well, what says “happy birthday” more than pizza and beer?

Buon Compleanno!


I. Love. Pizza. Growing up I was spoiled with Gambino’s pizza, especially when my sisters worked there. They have a knack for making good food amazing. But my move to east Wichita left me looking for a consistent, great place to get my pizza fix. When I very first moved into my house I think Upper Crust was open. But it closed shortly after so I never got to try it. For awhile I ate Papa Murphy’s. Economical, but I can’t explain why or how but I grew tired of them. I don’t know if their recipe changed, but my taste for them definitely did. For a span Knolla’s/Geno John’s/Air Capital Pizza moved in. And I loved going there. They always had goofy people at the counter who made every visit fun. And I LOVE their crust, sauce and toppings. YUM. Alas, they abandoned me, too.  One staple, though (aside from chain restaurants), has been Po Boy Pizza.

My ode to pizza: I love you.