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I FINALLY got to eat at The Anchor! I am taunted on a daily basis by tweets of their specials, but hadn’t had a chance to get in there and actually eat. At this point I was worried when I actually went I’d be disappointed (because being overly anxious often leads to letdown with me). Nope. The entire experience was great. And not just because I got to have lunch with my sister, Kristy, and Godson, Luke.

Sweet potato fries. Oooh La La!


I heard “a new hot dog place” had opened up near work. I wasn’t super-excited until I read somewhere, I can’t remember where, that the tater tots were amazing. Hot dogs and brats? Eh. I don’t particularly care for either. Meat with a skin kind of weirds me out. All personal skin issues aside, though, I have eaten my share of hot dogs and some brats and I don’t detest them. I’d just prefer a cheeseburger. Anyway, since I got to pick Bossa Grill last week, I agreed to Linkhaus this week. Hey, you never know, right?

“Napoleon, give me some of your tots.”