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Normally I don’t waste my time posting a replicate or review of another site’s recipe. Partially because I generally change the recipe and then link to the origination of its former self. But also because, why reinvent the wheel? But, in this case, I think you fellow Wichitans should take advantage of pork shoulder steaks and make this happen. Soon. Maybe on the 4th of July? That’s when I plan to make it again!

So, what do we have? Well, we have a replica of Cook’s Kitchen’s recipe, with one clarification (it frustrates me when a cooking show that claims to be scientific misses the specifics), and one modification for my tastes. First, let’s get our salivary glands going with an unnecessarily close up shot of meat. Mmmmm. Meat.

ImageSeriously, I am NOT a huge BBQ fan, and this is delicious. I don’t lie. Why would I?