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OK friends, this isn’t what I promised, but the Pizza Crusade kind of lost steam. We still visited several establishments, and I think we’ve come to a conlcusion of our favorites for different reasons. So I’ll summarize them really quickly. I know this deserves more time/service, but it’s what I’ve got, and I’ve been procrastinating other posts because this one is undone.


Mmmmm….. Pizza. 


I reviewed Po Boy Pizza back in August. I gave rave reviews, and then continued to slap myself for not realizing how awesome they are before uprooting myself to become a Westsider. In the meantime, the house sale has become a huge mess, and I’ve frequented Po Boy as a homage to what soon will be “remember when” days.

What could be wrong when everything looks SO RIGHT?


I. Love. Pizza. Growing up I was spoiled with Gambino’s pizza, especially when my sisters worked there. They have a knack for making good food amazing. But my move to east Wichita left me looking for a consistent, great place to get my pizza fix. When I very first moved into my house I think Upper Crust was open. But it closed shortly after so I never got to try it. For awhile I ate Papa Murphy’s. Economical, but I can’t explain why or how but I grew tired of them. I don’t know if their recipe changed, but my taste for them definitely did. For a span Knolla’s/Geno John’s/Air Capital Pizza moved in. And I loved going there. They always had goofy people at the counter who made every visit fun. And I LOVE their crust, sauce and toppings. YUM. Alas, they abandoned me, too.  One staple, though (aside from chain restaurants), has been Po Boy Pizza.

My ode to pizza: I love you.