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Pho. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the broth and the noodles and the slurping.

This post is going to be a doozey in length. If you’ve never made pho but want to, I will describe all of the ingredients, what they look like, where to find them, and why you use what you use, and whether I took any shortcuts.


I always think it’s awkward saying “pho.” Don’t ask. It’s my own issue. I’m working through it. I haven’t had a lot of pho, and to be fair, I don’t branch out a lot. But like that one dude on “Say Yes To The Dress” says, “When you find the right one, why would you keep looking?” (Loosely quoted, of course.)



A couple of months ago I reviewed To Chau. I had some delicious pho and spring rolls. I was pleased with life. So pleased, in fact, I even took a run at making both myself. A few weeks ago I was driving around aimlessly, looking to kill time. And I drove near Pho Hot, and knew it was where I wanted to go. Disclaimer: I’ve been to Pho Hot before. And had pho. And it was delicious.

I’ll admit I was a little discouraged with myself for wanting to try something new. I mean the place has “pho” in its name. And everyone around me was eating it. Nonetheless, I had banh mi (Vietnamese sandwich). It was on my list of things I wanted, nay, needed to try. So I pummeled ahead.

Banh mi likey!


After my delicious dinner at To Chau, I was inspired to attempt more Asian cooking. This meant I had to first recipe hunt, then go to an Asian market and ingredient hunt. Viva la Vietnamese cuisine! I’m ready for a challenge!

“I look tasty. But do I taste tasty?”


I’ve wanted to go to To Chau for a long time, but arranging dinner with a group wasn’t panning out. So I finally decided I needed pho, and headed off to quench the craving. If you’ve never had pho or are scared of it, I’ll give this review from that perspective. In fact, I think I’ll use my friends at Wikipedia for more background, if you want it. I was intimidated the first time I had it. But it’s a fun meal because they bring they base, and you season to your taste.

“Mmmmmm. Noodle soup.” -Joey Tribiani, Friends