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OK friends, this isn’t what I promised, but the Pizza Crusade kind of lost steam. We still visited several establishments, and I think we’ve come to a conlcusion of our favorites for different reasons. So I’ll summarize them really quickly. I know this deserves more time/service, but it’s what I’ve got, and I’ve been procrastinating other posts because this one is undone.


Mmmmm….. Pizza. 



I’m very aware I reviewed Pacific Coast Pizza less than a week ago, but Kristy, Luke and I decided we wanted it for lunch yesterday so I took some pictures, and decided a second review might be nice. I’ll keep it short.

“I want you to want me!”


Looking for a tasty, affordable spot to hit for lunch? I recommend checking out Pacific Coast Pizza. They have a 2-topping pizza with side salad lunch special that’s only $6.99. And I believe the other lunch special is a club sandwich with a side salad for $5.99. I was too excited to order my pizza to take note of the specific sandwich special.

And let me tell you, if you want options for pizza, Pac Coast has you covered! I recommend their rosemary whole wheat crust. I’ve forgotten to ask for wheat (the default is white), and the white crust is good good. But not “OMG, this is YUM!” good like the wheat. It’s light, fluffy, flavorful. Everything a girl could want in a crust.