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Well, I keep going to Yogurt Xplosion, and always forget to take pictures! I think mostly because I’m so excited to have frozen yogurt, and don’t want it to melt. But alas, I’ll give you my review. Obviously it’s good if I keep going back, especially since we have a lot of ice cream choices in the area: Dairy Queen, Braum’s Orange Leaf, and even Spangles or McDonald’s. All of which we (my co-workers) have hit, and hit more frequently as summer sets in.

I knew the setup of YX was going to be similar to Orange Leaf, which I like. I love the yogurt flavor choices and the ability to top as much or as little as you want. And I could tell from the outside of the building that it was going to be bright on the inside. What I didn’t expect was how friendly everyone was. They encouraged us to test the yogurt. And even have a guess your weight thing (weight of your yogurt, not yourself) where if you hit it spot on, your yogurt’s free. There are also picnic tables setup outside.