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Tidings of comfort and joy! I hope everyone’s staying warm. Today I decided to bring you my warmest of reviews, Neives’. A friend of mine said he’d heard Neives’ has the BEST white queso, likening it to angel semen (sorry for the visual). How can a girl NOT want to try the BEST queso, ever? Especially this cheese-addicted girl. I was so in. And it took very little time to put together a road-tripping entourage. And, honestly, it was a very quick trip from east Wichita.

Life is good.



I’d driven by El Rodeo regularly on my way home from class and always look longingly, dreaming of cheese dip. Well, one Sunday, I finally realized the dream. I tend to have Mexican food cravings on Sundays. So keep that in mind, friends. I’m always in for Mexican food on Sundays!

El delicioso yummo!