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I like my Mexican food like I like my hookers, fast and cheap. Too far? OK, I’ve never done anything with a prosty. And I guess at least they’re earning a living. But, what I DO like and DO have a lot of experience with is Mexican food. I’d eat it every freaking day if 1. I didn’t swear it off every time I ate it because I over-eat and 2. I wouldn’t get as fat as Gilbert Grape’s mom. Too far again? I can’t ever tell. I mean, come on, the poor woman was fat enough they had to put reinforcements in the basement to hold her and burn the house down after she died. Sad? Yes. But do I want to be her? No. So I try to limit my Mexican intake. Both food and boys. OK. That was tacky.

I like my salsa like I like my boys: Hot and spicy. Aye! Aye! Aye!



I don’t know where the craving came from but late yesterday afternoon I started craving waffles. And I realized I’d never made waffles from scratch before. So I set out to tackle homemade waffles!

Tempting, no?


Another stop on my attempt to conquer Southeast Wichita, and all the unexplored dining it has to offer, is N&J’s Cafe and Bakery. I’ll admit, I’ve been to N&J’s before, so this wasn’t a brand new experience for me. But, nonetheless, it was a good excuse to eat Middle Eastern food.

Before I got there, I knew I wanted hummus. And I knew it was served with both fresh and fried pita chips. No brainer. I also knew I needed beer. Luckily, N&J’s offers plenty of that as well!