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Sometimes when I cook everything falls together in perfect harmony. I can clean as I go (wise words from my mom), and by the time dinner’s ready my kitchen is simultaneously clean. Most times, though? It’s a disaster. A kitchen disaster. A kitchsaster, if you will. Last time I had one of these disasters my sister Kim told me to take a picture and post it on Facebook. So this is my little Friday gift to Kim. Happy Friday, everyone. Here’s hoping your kitchen doesn’t take over your life like this.

Me: I don’t want to clean you, kitchen.
Kitchen: Winning.
Me: This is a product of bad planning.
Kitchen: And you’re a troll with ugly kids and an unevolved brain, duh. Buh bye.
Me: You aren’t even human.
Kitchen: Adonis DNA and tigers blood, bro. Winning!
Me: Bu..
Kitchen: Boom! WINNING!