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Several bucket list things came together for me on Sunday. First, I was making brisket (post to come) and wanted to have salads all week with the brisket. I REALLY wanted ranch dressing since I haven’t had it in a while. But I hate buying store-bought buttermilk since I can’t really find a good brand. And I hate buying a large amount of milk since I don’t drink milk or use it in much else.

So, instead, I bought a quart of Hildebrand cream and decided to do it right. Make my own REAL buttermilk (and butter)!

First, you can make mock buttermilk by adding vinegar to milk. I’ve done it before. It works well. And that’s what most store-bought buttermilk is, soured milk. But real buttermilk is the liquid when you make butter. You start with cream, make whipped cream, then keep whipping. After a while, the cream will “break” and you’ll be left with chunks of butter and liquid. The liquid is buttermilk.

Challenge accepted!


Yes, this is Little House on the Prairie. Except minus the threat of bears breaking through the front door. Well, at least for me. Your life is probably more exciting than mine.



Ever since I brined my first pork chop, I’ve been a brine believer. I don’t know why I never thought to bring meat before, but for some reason I always thought brining was for turkeys on Thanksgiving. And even then, I figured people were just trying to be all, “Look at me, brining a turkey!” I didn’t realize what a difference it makes.

On my journey to eat healthier, not only am I trying to find good sources of meat, but I’m trying to learn to eat AND ENJOY all parts of the animal. As a child, I wasn’t much of a fan of meat (or vegetables, or really anything but cheese and pop). While trying to lose the weight I gained in college, I learned to like vegetables. It was a slow, focused, meticulous process of eating a tiny bit of a vegetable with something I DID like. Or covering it in a sauce, or baking into a casserole or hiding in soup. I know, an adult eating like a child. But it worked. And I’m convinced you can learn to like anything – either by adapting to the taste, or finding better ways to cook stuff.


I have a confession: I eat chicken skin (it’s like bacon from chickens). And I love dark meat!