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Jeanette decided this blog was more stuffed than schwasted and we needed to remedy it. So on the most sacred of all days, 9/02/10, we headed to Quincy’s. Mostly to drink at will. But also to have a drink for the lameness that is 90210, especially Brandon Walsh. We spent the night drinking Bud Light draws on special (it was a Thursday), and had a Sex on the Beach shot, because that’s something lame B-Walsh would do on the beach. With a girl who’s maybe married, or crazy, or racist. You know, the typical types Brandon kisses. Badly.

Mmmmmm…. Beer!


After a delicious dinner at El Mexico, Jeanette and I headed down (or would it be up? probably up) the street for drinks at Whiskey Dicks. I’ll admit I have wanted to go there for about a year, before it was Whiskey Dicks (when it was Old English Pub), so I’m amped that it’s my VERY FIRST bar review. My curiosity stemmed from knowing my great aunt and uncle used to own the building and run a grocery store in it. A few of my uncles even lived in the apartment over the store. Well, that’s when it was an apartment. I think it’s used for an office now. But I digress. We’re off to Whiskey Dicks. The good kind. Not the kind that ruins your night….. Hopefully.

What girl doesn’t want a little whiskey dick in her life? Oh, wait. Right…