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I used to hate bierocks. My mom made them with sauerkraut, and I thought that’s the way bierocks were meant to be. Well, much to my surprise, I found out bierocks are actually made with cabbage. And a revolution begins! I’ve been making (and freezing) bierocks on and off for the better part of a year. They’re delicious warmed up for lunches. Because of this, I was excited to try a “professional” bierock. And my friend Faye encouraged this adventure. We figured what better place than Bierocks, Brats n BBQ in Delano.



Karla and I have been trying to hit up The Biggest Cheese since it opened. And because the history of the building is more interesting than our reason for going, I’ll tell you both. First, Karla and I wanted to go because, well, pizza! I mean, who claims to have the biggest cheese and doesn’t have it? Boring, right? So I’ll also tell you the history of the building. It used to be a strip club. Or whatever a PC person calls it. Gentleman’s club? Titty bar? Whatever. I’m not PC. Girls get naked, swing around on poles, and dudes pay them. The building, I’ve been told, is theoretically part of Delano. Although had I not read that somewhere I wouldn’t have known as much. It sits on the corner of Maple and Seneca. And boy was it interesting.

How big is their cheese, you ask? Stay tuned.