Pizza Crusade – Summer 2012

Posted: June 4, 2012 in Pizza, Restaurant

Friends, Wichitans, countrymen, lend me your ears. The Pizza Crusade is upon us! What’s this mean? My food-loving friend, Lynds, and I are on a mission to find the best pizza in Wichita. There will be intricate categories, a random grading scale, and most importantly, PIZZA! I realize I’ve been MIA on this blog, so hopefully this mission will resurrect Stuffed and Schwasted to her deserved glory. We’ll start with Ziggy’s. And I have had a request to add Picasso’s in Delano. We’ll also re-hit up some old favorites (Po Boy, Pacific Coast Pizza, Wichita Brewing Company, Bartelli’s, DeFazio’s). But most importantly, we are looking for new places we’ve never been or never heard of. We’re keeping this inside the Wichita city limits, at least for the initial round. If we can still button our pants after crowning an ICT champion, we’ll move onto the suburbs.

Rage on, pizza lovers!

I decided this post needed a graphic, so I stole this probably appropriate one from a strangely similar quest on Yelp.

  1. lynds says:

    Perfect graphic! Who is this person that likens a pizza tour to a battle like we do? Clearly we must meet him or her.

  2. janasnyder says:

    Don’t forget Il Vicino!

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