Seasonal Red Alert: Gingerbread Frozen Yogurt

Posted: December 9, 2011 in Uncategorized

Drop what you’re doing, friends, and head immediately to Yogurt Xplosion (just south of 32nd street on the east side of Rock – next to the Papa John’s)! They have gingerbread yogurt. And it’s enough to make your taste buds and heart sing. Don’t forget to guess the weight of your yogurt before paying. I missed it by .1 of an ounce. One of these days, Yogurt Xplosion scale, one of these days.

I topped mine with crushed up (I had to crush them) vanilla wafers. My other favorite combo is lemon fro-yo with their cheesecake bites. Looking back, I think cheesecake bites plus vanilla wafers in the gingerbread yogurt may have been an even better combination. It might be best I didn’t go in for the win because my head might have exploded from too much awesome.

Yogurt Xplosion: Making heads explode from awesome. You’re welcome, YX! And you’re welcome, readers. This really will be the best decision you’ve made this week.

PS- Sorry I’ve been MIA. I moved to the west side of town, and just haven’t found any truly inspiring restaurants. In this economy, I’ve made a purely guilt-based decision to not post any negative reviews (unless the positive points out-weigh the negatives), so because of that I’ve had a lack of material. I did make beer butt chicken for the first time last weekend, and plan to post that recipe. I may also try to document my self-inflicted drama-filled inaugural attempt at grilling a pork tenderloin. In related news, I’ll also be taking recommendations for your favorite meat thermometers.

Have a great, fro-yo filled Friday!

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