El Azteca – 1540 E. 61st St. N, Park City

Posted: October 6, 2011 in Mexican, Restaurant
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First, I’d like to apologize for my extended absence. I’ve been in a funk lately and haven’t feel like waxing poetically about food. But, I realized, if food isn’t our currency in this crazy, bankrupt world, then what is? So, I’m happy to be reunited with an out-of-town review brought to you by El Azteca in Park City. I’ve heard great things about this place, and I won’t build any suspense about the place, it’s well worth the short trip to Park City!

Oh, think twice. Cause it’s another day for you and me in cheese paradise!

First, I’d like to apologize to Jeanette, my loyal travel companion on this cheesy adventure, for using a Phil Collins song in the first picture caption. I couldn’t help it, friend. Forgive me. But, in my defense, when I think of Phil Collins, I think of Georgia, and when we played “Lame, Drink” for the first time. For those of you not in the know, “Lame, Drink” is a drinking game Jeanette and I made up while in the heat wave Georgia calls summer, and avoiding death by heat exhaustion we were watching the original 90210, and drinking every time something lame happened. Could have been in dialogue, clothes, a look, whatever. I’m sure you don’t have to guess, but it takes less than two episodes to get a good buzz going. Good times. And could be used for any TV show. Full House, for example, was selected as a viable contender. I’m sure everyone has their choices. For the record, I LOVE the original 90210 and have frequent marathons. But it’s even more fun when playing “Lame, Drink.”

OK, so where were we? Oh, yes, Park City. Eating cheese.

Of course we ordered cheese dip. It was cheesy and delicious. I also ordered a serving of hotter salsa, which was good mixed with some of their regular salsa. Don’t ask, that’s how I do it. I mix the less hot salsa (that generally has more salsa-y flavors) with the hotter salsa that gives me the spice I want. And it was a good combo. And it’s nice to know there is an option of hotter salsa available.

I can’t remember exactly what Jeanette ordered, but I’ll put a picture of it below. I ordered the vegetable fajitas, and I’m not lying when I say it was the best spread of veggies I’ve ever had at a Mexican restaurant. Well done, El Azteca! The veggies were a little on the oily side but they were still good. AND I used them the next day on a veggie sandwich. Did anyone ever have the veggie sandwich at Angelo’s when it used to be in business? Well, I made a somewhat decent contender with these leftovers and an attempt at a homemade Italian dressing. You’ll have to do SOMETHING with your leftovers because this was a HUGE fajita platter. I think it stretched two plates and a roll of tortillas.

And we paired everything with some beer. American beer, mind you, hey, we were already celebrating Mexican Independence Day at a Mexican restaurant. Don’t hate us for drinking a few Bud Lights.

The other great thing about this restaurant is that it wasn’t too busy on a Friday night. We got in without a wait, and honestly, the food was better than most Mexican restaurants (especially chains) in Wichita that have an hour wait on a Friday night. So use part of that hour, drive to Park City, and have some yummy food! Then go home and play “Lame, Drink.”


Jeanette’s meal. Jeanette- Speak up if you remember what you ordered. I know it’s been awhile since we went, but you might remember!

My veggie fajitas.

And the fajita fixins.

And more fixins and a glimpse at my beer. Who else wants to play “Lame, Drink” right now??

El Azteca on Urbanspoon

  1. Kim says:

    Yum! This does look fabulous!!

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