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Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

OK, folks. I’ve noticed my blog’s running dry on places to review. Since I’m a newly relocated west sider, I’m adding a bunch of west side places. But will take suggestions from anywhere in and around Wichita. You can see what I already have on my list on my Upcoming Reviews page. Anything that doesn’t have a link for the name hasn’t been reviewed. And then at the bottom are places outside of Wichita. I’m adding a new section just for the west side. It will include (but isn’t limited to):

  • LeMonde
  • Avivo
  • Red Beans
  • Doc’s Steak House
  • Savutes
  • El Paisa
  • Saigon
  • Sit @ Thai

Send your suggestions now!

  1. Jeanette says:

    Egg Roll King is pretty amazing if you want Chinese to go. They have a table though if you want to stay. When I say A table….I’m not kidding. Also La Galette is off Douglas and Seneca. I haven’t been there in ages but My Kathy brought me a pastry from there and it was delicious. It’s just a couple doors down from T.J’s Burgers…or is it Ty’s. No, Ty’s is Seneca and Second. Again, sucking at suggestions. Can you tell I’m avoiding work though?

    • Kelly says:

      I’ve been to Egg Roll King!

      Some of my searching stuff isn’t working. I can’t figure out if I don’t have tags right or what. It used to work, but some of them stopped working in the past two or so weeks. Boo!

      Is La Galette the place with the crepes or something? I meant to add that place to my list, if so. If not, then I wonder what that place was. It’s hell getting old.I need to write stuff down.

      And, again, you populated either my entire list above, or almost the whole thing. So boom on suggestions!

      • Jeanette says:

        I’m not sure on the crepes. I looked them up on Urbanspoon and there are pretty positive reviews. It looks like the menu is heavy on the mediterranian dishes. Apparently the West side is the Mediterranian Mecca.

        I’m still thinking. Not a lot local around these parts unless you’re a Chinese Food joint, Mexican, and apparently Mediterranian.

  2. Cammy says:

    Welcome, Westsider! You must try the buffet at Kababs…!

    • Kelly says:

      I actually JUST ate at Kababs. Haven’t had a second to post the review, yet. But it was for dinner, so I didn’t get the buffet. I work on the east side, so I’d have to go on a weekend (if they have the buffet for lunch on weekends) or on a day off.

      • Cammy says:

        The buffet on the weekends is a little more expensive but I prefer it (fresh) to ordering off the menu. With such bold flavors, I can get burned out on one thing quickly and need the variety of different dishes to complement each other. They’re very eager to help you understand what each dish is, so it’s not as intimidating. Nihari beef is a slow cooked roast that they don’t do very often, but it’s worth calling ahead and planning to go when they’ll have it on the buffet.

        Also – saw on a previous comment above about La Gallette… they don’t typically have crepes, that I know of, but they have croissant sandwiches, french style quiches and pastries and lunch specials. All tasty, a bit pricey. The crepe place you might be thinking of is Lotus Leaf in Delano. All about putting a healthy spin on things. They definitely have a different approach to crepes, so it’s not what you may expect. I’ve only been for lunch but have seen dinner special photos posted on Facebook and they look/sound amazing. I’ve heard d’Sozo is good, and along the same line as Lotus Leaf – haven’t tried it myself.

        Some other recommendations from my husband and me: Thai Smile, Hot Stone Korean Grill, Metro Grill, The Artichoke, Zaytun, Wasabi. We love restaurant adventures and it’s been fun finding your blog and reading your reviews!

        • Kelly says:

          Good recommendations! And I think Lotus Leaf must be what I’m thinking of and want to try. I’m adding that to my list. They’re putting in a Wasabi near my work that I intend to try once they open. I’ve heard great things!

          I have The Artichoke on my things to review (, but just haven’t gotten there yet. And I’ve eaten at Metro Grill in the mall, but not the site in Andover. Although I heard there was drama between the owners, and wasn’t sure if that ever got workedout. I figured drama at a restaurant surely couldn’t mean good food. If they worked it out, I should get over there and try it!

          I hadn’t heard of Thai Smile. But had heard of Hot Stone Korean. And want to do both. Thanks again for the suggestions! I’ll update list!

  3. lynds says:

    Please let me come to Savutes! It was over by my old work and im dying to try it. Also I am always down for Red Beans or Le Monde!

    • Kelly says:

      I’m dying to hit Savutes. I’ve only been once, but it was pretty good, and I want to see if it’s still the way I remember it. I suggest it fairly regularly, but laugh because I’ve only been once.

      Red Beans is my least anticipated meal. I’ve actually been there a handful of times, and I’ve never had outstanding food or service. But maybe if we go when Dylan’s working (I think he still works there, maybe not??) or if I pick a great dish, my perspective will change. Plus, it’s been years since I’ve been and my palate has probably changed.

      • Kristy says:

        I haven’t been to red beans in years, but I had their tomato bisque once and it was the best tomato soup I’ve ever had.

        • Kelly says:

          I forgot about Red Bean’s tomato bisque (although I used to rave about it all the time – it’s hell getting old)! Now I want to go there immediately! Derby used to have a Red Mesa/Red Beans combo restaurant and I could get queso and tomato bisque. I miss those days. OK, that day. It only happened once.

  4. Jeanette says:

    I worked at Red Beans for years and I do know that the menu has changed because it was sold to the guy that used to own Willie C’s. I think the recipes have stayed the same, but they have added to the menu. With Red Beans it’s all about picking the correct item. I used to spend a lot of time making suggestions and trying to help my tables figure out what they would like best. I’m pretty sure you can still get Queso and Bisque at the 21st street location. I worked in Derby and the West store with Dylan and I’m fairly certain he still works on occassion so you can ask him what’s good and what’s gone down hill for sure. I can vouch for the fried pickles. Had those a few months ago and they are just as fabulous as I remember! Ok, I’m hungry now.

  5. […] on the recommendation of Cammy on my New Places to Review post, Charley and I hit up Korean Hot Stone Grill last week. And it was good! I’ve driven by […]

  6. Laina says:

    I stumbled across your blog after an Urbanspoon review. You are hiliarious and I love your take on food. So, that being said you must try Ciao Italia Kitchen, 1720 N Webb Road Suite 102. There are mixed reviews on Urbanspoon but I went with coworkers and everything we ate was amazing. We were celebrating so we had appetizers, salads/soups, entrees and deserts. Everything we tried was fresh, scrumptious and generously portioned.

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