Drink ‘Er Down (And Eat Steak!) – Oak Tree – 430 State Street, Augusta

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Bar, Steak
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I cannot believe I forgot to write this review! It’s been a LONG TIME since I took these pictures, but randomly was going to tell someone the best steak I’ve ever had in Wichita (or near Wichita, if you’re getting specific) was at Oak Tree. I went to send them a link to my post. And low and behold, it wasn’t there! Not even a draft. Sheesh. It’s hell getting old and thinking you did something you never did.

Oak Tree Bar in Augusta has a Friday night steak special. I can’t remember the price, and it varies depending on the steak you get. But you get salad, steak, potato and bread. Add a cheap, small town beer prices to that steak, and your life is complete. Seriously.

Mmmmmm. Meat. I feel so American.

When we walked into the bar I felt like I had been transported to The Keg (Colwich) South. I grew up in Colwich, and lost of Colwichians go to The Keg regularly. For drinks or dinner. As a kid, we weren’t ever allowed to just randomly wander into The Keg to eat. Usually if we wanted to eat, we’d get Gambino’s. That was probably mostly because we usually ate at home, but I’m sure also because it was a bar. I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten at The Keg, except for a bite or two of someone else’s food. But I’ve heard it’s delicious. After eating at Oak Tree, I know I won’t assume bars only serve formerly frozen, fried bar food. Not that I have a problem with that, but once you’ve had a mozzarella stick, you’ve had a mozzarella stick (well, unless you go to Kite’s in Manhattan, the king of mozzarella sticks).

Nonetheless, I didn’t expect this steak to be so good since it was from a bar. And furthermore, I didn’t expect it to be the best steak I’ve ever had not off of a family member or friend’s grill. For the record, my friend Katie still tops my list for best steak, ever! Ironically, I had this dinner with her sister, Faye. So she knows good steak also.

And this place got a resounding “Hell yeah!” from both of us! We talked to the bar owner and she said they smoke their steaks similar to what Amarillo Mesquite Grill used to do. Wait, is that the name of the place? She referenced a restaurant that used to be in wichita that ended in “Mesquite Grill.” And now the name doesn’t sound right. Anyway, the steaks are mesquite smoked. The place smells delicious as the steaks are grilled. And grilled to perfection, I might add.

Anyway, hats off to this place. Currently holding my crown of “Best Steak In Or Around Wichita.” Not that anyone probably cares about MY crown. But hey, I do! If you’re craving a good steak on a Friday night, take the drive to Augusta. It’s worth it! And very affordable!

And for the record, there were some kids in the bar. Hopefully that doesn’t get anyone in trouble. I know once I was old enough to go to The Keg, I found out it could serve minors until either 9:00 or 10:00. I assume the same is true with this place. And no one was stumbling drunk. Probably because they had a belly full of steak!

I realize this will gross some people out, but I wanted to post to show how perfectly grilled it was.

  1. Jeanette says:

    I hear Walts at Central and 235 has a good steak. I can’t remember which night it’s the special though. And much like you, I wasn’t expecting to see people eat steak at Walts….Have you been in that place? And I think Jaime told me the Prime Rib at Quincey’s is really good, or maybe steak…they only have it on Friday and Sat I’m fairly certain. I kinda suck at this suggestion stuff, I’ll stop now.

    • Kelly says:

      I have Walt’s on my list for a burger. If given the choice between a great burger and steak, I’ll normally choose a burger (but that might be b/c I’m usually disappointed in restaurant steak??). But I’d also choose chicken over steak if it weren’t smothered in some weird sauce and were marinated in something yummy.

      And you’re good at suggestions! You populated my whole list!

    • Kelly says:

      Maybe I’ll have to do Walt’s twice because I’ve been anticipating their burger… But now I’m curious about their steak. It doesn’t sound likely, so it must be true!

  2. Karla says:

    If you do Walt’s you need to do it three times and try their steak sandwich or their fish sandwich. Steak sandwich is chicken fried steak on a sandwich.. fish is fried fish on a sandwich. The theme being fried. They do something amazing with their fryer. … and it does something amazing for my mouth.

    • Kelly says:

      A chicken fried steak SANDWICH? That doesn’t sound good. But I’m not a huge CFS fan anyway, so maybe that’s the reason. I might like the fish sandwich, but don’t think I’d ever order it…

      Hopefully their fryer does just as good of stuff with fries. Because I’m SURE I’ll get fries.

  3. Mere says:

    The restaurant they were referring to was The Amarillo Grill. There was one on the west side behind Cookie Fortune and one on the east side behind the funeral home on Central just east of Woodlawn. Al Bundy (not THE Al Bundy from married w/ children) owned both restaurants. Mr. Bundy also used to own the Magnolia Cafe, which was at the corner of Woodlawn and Central where Spangles now sits. The Magnolia Cafe had some of the best food in town, serving Cajun food that was as authentic as what they make in Louisana and I can compare since I used to live there. It was a sad day when the Magnolia Cafe closed and almost as sad as the day Dr. Redbirds closed both their locations. Just an FYI.

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