Yogurt Xplosion – 3236 N Rock

Posted: May 26, 2011 in Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream, Northeast Wichita
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Well, I keep going to Yogurt Xplosion, and always forget to take pictures! I think mostly because I’m so excited to have frozen yogurt, and don’t want it to melt. But alas, I’ll give you my review. Obviously it’s good if I keep going back, especially since we have a lot of ice cream choices in the area: Dairy Queen, Braum’s Orange Leaf, and even Spangles or McDonald’s. All of which we (my co-workers) have hit, and hit more frequently as summer sets in.

I knew the setup of YX was going to be similar to Orange Leaf, which I like. I love the yogurt flavor choices and the ability to top as much or as little as you want. And I could tell from the outside of the building that it was going to be bright on the inside. What I didn’t expect was how friendly everyone was. They encouraged us to test the yogurt. And even have a guess your weight thing (weight of your yogurt, not yourself) where if you hit it spot on, your yogurt’s free. There are also picnic tables setup outside.

And, best of all! They have cheesecake bites and cookie dough bites! I will alone come back for these items! Orange Leaf used to have both, but the last three or four times I went didn’t have either. I know they don’t make or break ice cream, but I’d dream about cheesecake, and there’s really no substitute.

I added Payday to my most recent trip, and feel like they could cut those pieces up a bit smaller. But love the option! My ONLY complaint about the store is a strange one and definitely a personal preference… The spoons are really deep, which makes it hard to get the yogurt all out, which means you have the milky stuff leftover. I know, gross. And I don’t want that going back in my bowl. Maybe my mouth is misshapen. But that’s the only recommendation I’d make. And I’m sure a spoon restock is a long ways down the road (the spoons are bright, just like the rest of the decor).

One other funny thing I noticed is they have a large blowup (for lack of a better term) bowl of pink yogurt out near the street on Rock. When I see it I think of those weird urban legends (or not) that went around for awhile about chicken nuggets and meat-like substance. Mostly that just made me laugh.

I work for one of the companies on 32nd street, and think Yogurt Xplosion would get a lot of business by promoting itself using some type of incentive for those who work on 32nd street. Since it can be kind of a pain to get in and out of that shopping area because Rock is such a mess, I can see it being hard to pull business that way. But there are plenty of businesses on 32nd who would come in if 1. they know it’s there and 2. you offer a basic incentive (punch cards, a certain percent off, etc.). Blimpe used to offer 10% off to those businesses on Rock. Jimmy John’s will randomly bring in free sandwiches. I’m not saying you have to give anything away for free, but you have to get the business in. Even dropping coupons for the first ounce free or something like that at the target businesses.

Anyway, I love seeing local businesses succeed. And this place has had great, friendly, attentive service. I know I’ll go there rather than Orange Leaf, and think they could pull in a lot of business just from surrounding people sitting at their desks all day, dreaming about an afternoon snack… If only they knew you were there!

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  1. Karla says:

    I hate using spoons for that very reason! I have to have a small spoon if a spoon is my only choice. I need to go to this place. Let’s steal (we’ll have to ask, because neither of us have carseats, right? And I’m fairly certain everyone would panic if kids and cars were missing!) the kiddos and go get some!

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