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Posted: April 14, 2011 in 67213, BBQ, Bierocks, Delano, Fast Food, Restaurant
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I used to hate bierocks. My mom made them with sauerkraut, and I thought that’s the way bierocks were meant to be. Well, much to my surprise, I found out bierocks are actually made with cabbage. And a revolution begins! I’ve been making (and freezing) bierocks on and off for the better part of a year. They’re delicious warmed up for lunches. Because of this, I was excited to try a “professional” bierock. And my friend Faye encouraged this adventure. We figured what better place than Bierocks, Brats n BBQ in Delano.

I believe I’ve already mentioned my love for Delano in my past posts about The Biggest Cheese, Egg Roll King, Delano Barbeque, and Wichita Fish Company (This is part of Delano right? I suppose as much as The Biggest Cheese is.). There are lots of good restaurants in Delano, and more than that, I LOVE the atmosphere. Especially during lunchtime on a weekday. I feel like I’m on main street of a small town in western Kansas. Yes, this is a compliment. When we drive back from Colorado, we usually stop for breakfast in a small town. Everyone knows everyone, there’s an energy on the street. I feel the same way in Delano. Well, during the day.

In this case, I went to BB&B on a weeknight, so unfortunately we missed some of the charm. And, I think we also missed out on some of the freshest food of the day. By the time we got there, the only bierock choice left was beef and cheese. A cheese lover, this was fine with me. But Faye wanted a “traditional” bierock. Which, apparently is cheeseless. Hey, what do I know? I thought bierocks had sauerkraut in them! I was wavering between beef and cheese, or sausage. I also love me some sausage. (That’s what she said.)

I do understand that closer to the end of the day, you’re trying to get rid of the product you have left, and reduce food waste and food cost. But it’s dinnertime. Early dinnertime. I guess note to self to not go back at dinner. The other letdown was the bin of homemade chips. I was amped to see such a thing existed. But less amped when I tasted the chips, which had also probably been sitting out all day. And even less amped when the owner was eating directly from the bin, having a conversation with us. Hey, I appreciate that she’s probably clean. But there’s something about someone munching on chips over the main bin that weirds me out a little. Yes, I know, “typical germophobic.” It’s not the germs so much as the spit, though. The spit that’s attached to the chip crumbs. But I’m digressing.

The only description I can give the service is “hilarious.” The one thing I like about small, family-owned restaurants is you get a lot more personable service. The staff isn’t generally trained to say specific things (“Hi I’m Kelly, I’ll be your waitress tonight. Would you like to hear our specials?”). Rather, they work on their natural service skillset. I like this. Especially in Places like Old Mill Tasty Shop. I like it when the waitress listens to us, caters to us, and tries to make OUR experience unique, genuine and memorable. And I guess our experience at BB&B was memorable. And it really wasn’t unpleasant. It was just, well, weird.

First of all, as I walked in, she said, “I”ll be right back to take your order, I have to go to the bathroom.” I mean, I accept that these things are normal and natural. Hell, Taro Gomi wrote a book about it. And I’m sure hands were washed and proper sanitary steps were taken. But there’s something about KNOWING someone’s hand is THERE right before it’s touching my food that gave me a weird spin to begin with. My advice, next time say, “I have to check on (insert delicious food name you serve). I’ll be right back.” Or, even, “I’ll be with you in just a second” would suffice. Hey, I’m just offering honest feedback here. Because when push comes to shove, my bierock was good. Made by pee hands or not! OK, jokes people. I hope.

We also got a short less on some racial profiling of hot links eating. It definitely wasn’t negative or slurred. Just a generalization of what a certain race of men normally don’t get on their hot link. That was interesting. I think it was a hot link? All of that BBQ stuff confuses me.

Overall, the food was good. It would jump up to great with fresh chips that weren’t sitting right on the counter where food is ordered. I realize small businesses means less stringent policies. And I like this. I like that they’re more laid back and more concerned with the experience and the relationship than the transaction. I really do like that. And given the opportunity, I WOULD go back to BB&B at lunch. Probably wouldn’t go back for dinner again.

One plus is they have a drive-thru that seemed to move very quickly. The service was always friendly and accommodating. Now, if only we could get a beer with our bierocks….

While the owner was in the bathroom….

The bierock was a perfect size. Very generous portion of chips.

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  1. you should try sugar sisters bakery’s bierocks. they are unique and addicting! 917 W. Douglas

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