City Limits Grill – 15019 W Kellogg

Posted: January 25, 2011 in 67235, Bar, Bar Food, Burgers and Fries, Pizza, West Wichita
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Karla and I hit up City Limits Grill a LONG time ago. The pictures got lost in the shuffle, but we’re back with a vengeance. We ordered two things: a Tango’s Deluxe pizza and a Jalapeno Cheddar burger. Somehow I’ve misplaced the pictures of the burger. We were a split decision on the pizza. I actually liked the crust. It reminded me of the way St. Louis style pizza crust is supposed to taste. But Karla didn’t like it. She compared it to a cracker. So if you’re more of a deep dish/greasy crust pizza person, then this pizza will NOT suit you. If you eat deep dish but prefer thin crust or less greasy crusts, you might like it.

The burger was OK. It wasn’t amazing. It wasn’t awful. It was good for bar food. Although I’ve had better bar food. One place that comes to mind is The Keg in Colwich. Sure, mock me, but they actually have good food for a bar. One place I want to hit up again for their food is Whiskey Dicks. I follow them on Facebook and every time they post about their double cheeseburgers, I want to drive there immediately. My rule about drinking alone is the only thing that stops me.

I keep getting distracted. Overall, this place was decent. It wasn’t so amazing I’ll drive out to it again, mostly because it’s on the FAR WEST edge of town (almost in Goddard, in my opinion) and it’s hard to get to (you have to do a U turn to get to it, or already be driving from west to east. But if you’re on the way west side of town (which is booming) or even in Goddard, it might be a nice stop. I’m not sure what their drink specials look like since we went there to try their food.

The only other frustrating part of the dining experience was it took forever to get our food. But the service was good, the beer I had was cold, and getting back into Wichita was a breeze since I was headed east and we’re far enough out that the traffic was light.

Tango’s Deluxe Pizza (We also had a Jalapeno Cheddar Burger, not pictured, obviously.)

City Limit Grill on Urbanspoon

  1. Lyndsey says:

    Pretty sure I’m going to dream about that pizza.

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