I’ll start this post by saying I’m not a big fan of Japanese steakhouses. I know I’m boring, but I don’t like the big shows. They make me uncomfortable. I think I can pinpoint it to two things: 1. I don’t like shrimp and they always do stuff with shrimp then I feel like I have to eat it (or god forbid they’ll throw it at my face). 2. I HATE, HATE, HATE being in the spotlight. And it’s like the chefs can sense this. Why don’t people let an introvert go? It’s OK to be introverted, people. Just like it’s OK to be extroverted. Give the extroverts their day in the heating lamp, and draw attention to them. OK, vent done. Strangely, I feel much better.

All that aside, Lyndsey and I decided to scratch Sal’s off of my list of southeast Wichita restaurants. And even though I wasn’t looking forward to the show, I was excited for the food, because it’s always so good.

Everyone must understand, in my attempt to avoid attention, I didn’t take any pictures until the chef left. But to his credit, Lyndsey and I ended up at a table alone, and he did a toned down show, and didn’t react much despite our colorful choice of conversation. I will, unequivocally, mark this as my #1 spot on trips to Japanese steakhouses. Booyah!

I ordered steak and chicken. I think Lyndsey ordered chicken. And strangely, neither of us like shrimp, so even though they also made shrimp, no one ate it. I’m never a huge fan of the salads, so I’d give that a normal B-, but everything else was delicious. The soup, both the steak and chicken, the fried rice (sometimes I opt for plain steamed rice, but we went all out), the vegetables (oh, the vegetables…), the sherbet. All delicious.

Oh, and for those of you who like a show? Don’t worry, there’s plenty of show to go around. The table next to us had several children, and the chef gave them quite the show. So don’t get me wrong, our chef only toned down our show because I think he could tell we were there to enjoy the food and catch up on the cluster of our social lives. We didn’t need anyone to throw shrimp at us, or singe our eyebrows.

If you’ve only been to the more popular Japanese steakhouses, I’d recommend Sal’s. They give great service, the food is as good or better than the other steakhouses I’ve been to in Wichita, and the wait’s not outrageous.

Since it’s not the most well-lit place, this is as good of a picture as I could get. My mouth is watering.

Sal's Japanese Steakhouse on Urbanspoon

  1. […] I’ll have to say I have, on occasion, found the fried rice at some of those Japanese grills (like Sal’s) to be better, I’ve also, at least half the time, thought their rice is way too salty. This […]

  2. say says:

    all you had to do is tell them you just wanted food…

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