Drink ‘Er Down: It’s A Christmas Miracle!

Posted: January 3, 2011 in Alcohol/Beer/Drinks, Bar, Recipes
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During the holiday season it’s not hard to see all of the Christmas miracles around us. Quieter offices, less traffic (except driving on Rock Road the week before Christmas, in which case the turnpike is the Christmas miracle), and friends realizing the greatest Christmas miracle of all would be a shot dedicated to the reason for the season. And a Christmas Miracle is born, on Christmas Day. Literally.

Hallelujah! Holy shit!

After much brainstorming, the recipe is born:

In a larger glass mix a few ounces of Red Bull (sugarfree or sugarful), or any other comparable energy drink with enough Blue UV to make it green. In a shot glass mix as much vodka as you can stand with Cherry 7UP. (Diet Cherry 7UP is my Christmas miracle all year long.)

Drop the red shot in the green shot, and drink.

Commence drunken antics which may involve but are not limited to:

  • Laughing on the kitchen floor while eating homemade Chex mix.
  • Going to bed with a cold ass.
  • Tongue kissing a dog who will probably never call you.
  • Dry heaving, then blaming the Christmas Miracles who are not to be blamed for anything so awful.
  • Wake up to what seems like gunshots, only to cower under your blankets.
  • Realize that with daylight comes sunshine. And with sunshine comes sunglasses during breakfast.
  • Laying around the next day doing nothing more productive than eating , watching movies, sleeping, and moaning.
  • Realizing that the real Christmas Miracle isn’t just the shots, but the friends you take the shots with.


“I have never had a Christmas Miracle, and I’ve already had enough.” It really is a Christmas miracle, folks. To you and yours.

The makings of a Christmas Miracle.

Miracles waiting to happen to you.

Post-miracle. Commence sitting on the floor and laughing.

  1. Jeanette says:

    The miracle lives on. In my dreams, and my freezer.

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