New Year’s Resolution White Flag: I CANNOT Eat A McRib

Posted: November 14, 2010 in Restaurant
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So one of my random New Year’s resolutions (because what fun are serious or standard resolutions?) was to try the McRib next time it comes out. That way I know what all the hype’s about. Or at least can speak intelligently when I say it’s gross like I do now. The McRib’s been out for a few weeks, and I keep trying to get myself into the drive thru to buy one. I look at the sign, think of meat that’s supposed to have bones in it, that’s shaped like it has bones in it, but is boneless, topped with some congealed BBQ sauce looking stuff. And I can’t do it. I pulled in one afternoon and my stomach turned and I felt sick.

Sorry, I’m passing on this NY resolution. And I’m OK with it.


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