Drink ‘Er Down! The Caboose – 4311 W Central

Posted: November 11, 2010 in 67212, Bar, West Wichita
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After downing some beer towers, Scott and I headed over to The Caboose. This was my feeble attempt to “bro it out.” I heard the place had some sexy, scantly clad waitresses. Ah, what the hell. Naked doesn’t really bother me as long as there’s cold, cheap beer. And that, they had. That night anyway, $5 pitchers. The place was huge. There was one section setup kind of like a sports bar with smaller pub style tables and lots of TVs along the walls, including bartop seating. There was a dance floor area. And I think the rest of the room was shorter tables, more of a traditional bar setup. There were pool tables. And I think dart boards. The problem was I started sneezing almost immediately after arriving, and finally had to bail halfway through our second pitcher.

Before we bailed on account of the sneezing (Scott started sneezing, too, for the record), we ordered shots. I can’t remember who had to pay, but we’d bet on the KU-NDSU game (OK, so this bar trip was awhile ago) during the beer tower conquering. And we decided to get one yellow and one green shot. Yellow’s easy. Any bomb shot. But green? I  was excited! We asked our waitress for advice. Wait until you see what she brought us back. I don’t even remember what it was called. And frankly, it doesn’t matter.I don’t know whether to blame the color-blind bartender who made the shots? Or her for thinking we’d think white is green? Nonetheless. Ew. Scott had to take the “green” (read: white) shot. It was milky.

The good news? We snagged a CD an artist (I say “an artist” because I’m confused as hell what the artist’s name is) left behind. While waiting for Matt and Lindsey to meet us, we rocked out the CD in my car. We found this little gem. It’s called “Wichitalkinbout.” I mean, how could this song NOT be a billboard smash?

As far as the sneezing goes, I asked the waitress if the owner had a cat he let in the building. She said, “There aren’t any cats in here, but there are lots of cats outside.” Um, yikes? And it’s true. As Scott and I stood outside I think we saw at least five cats scamper by in less than 2 minutes. Help!

Here are our yellow and green shots. As Phil Dunphy would say, “Why The Face?”

Some places online it says the song’s by Kritical. Other places it says it’s by 2CHE. I think they need to just make a group or something because it would definitely be hard to make a name when they’re fighting over fist billing rights. The song‘s legit, though. Booyah!

Would I go back? Probably not. But mostly because I was miserable the rest of the night. I’m not sure how it got there, but there was definitely cat in the air. The idea creeps me out. Overall there was nothing fantastic about the bar that would draw me in if it were a cat-free zone. So assuming there weren’t cats, I’d go if invited, but don’t think I’d drive across town to go there specifically. What would I change? The place was so big, and it was a slower night. I’m prone to more hole in the wall bars. Not that big is bad. I am a girl after all. And wait staff who aren’t trying to get tips Hooters style by sitting at our table and flirting with the male guests. I’m not hating on the waitresses, who were cute. It’s just not MY type of place. More of a dude establishment, probably. So boys, get your caboose to Caboose!

Oh and we met the “owner.” (Quoted because I THINK that’s what he said. He might have just been an employee.) He said he’d play our song (Wichitalkinbout), and didn’t. Fail on promise follow through.

12/6/2010 Note: I went back to The Caboose this weekend (during the day) and I didn’t have a problem with sneezing. It makes me wonder if maybe one of the waitresses or other customers had cats that they had sitting on them in the clothes they were wearing or something. So, my fault. Apparently there AREN’T cats living in the bar. I was wrong!

And, it was midday, but we actually had a lot of fun. Minus one creeper (a customer). But every bar has them.


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