This is a long overdue post. Jeanette and I rocked some Wichita Fish Company several weeks ago. It was delicious, life was good. Afterwords we went down the street to The Shamrock, where it was bike night. No, literally, bike night. People riding bicycles. And we encountered a couple of creepers. One who thought Jeanette’s nose was cute. Not that it’s NOT cute, but dude was still creepy.

Fish? And it’s not Friday? And we don’t feel like it’s punishment?

Jeanette was the mastermind behind this dinner. And I was excited to go somewhere with fresh fish, but didn’t feel like I had to drop a total arm and a leg (sorry, Bonefish). I mean, I’m all for paying for my meal if it’s good fish. But sometimes I want alternatives that stretch my monthly dining out budget just a little further.

Luckily, we found pictures of a menu online. So this gave us an idea of what to expect as far as selection. But once we got into the restaurant, we were excited to see even more daily special options, based on what they had available. You order and pay at a register, then they bring your food to you at a table in a styrofoam container.

Depending on what you order your fish comes with either fries, coleslaw, hushpuppies and sauce. Or steamed veggies, rice, coleslaw hushpuppies and sauce. I’m sure there are exceptions but the fried selections came with the former, and the steamed/grilled selections with the latter. However, you can sub fries for the veggies and rice for free. If you want to “upgrade” your fries for rice and veggies it costs 49 cents.

My goal was to try a totally new fish. I’m not a huge fan of fried fish (I know Karla gasped, but it’s true), so I looked for any new fish that was steamed or grilled. Jeanette also wanted to try a new fish. And was leaning toward fried. So we had a nice selection just between the two of us.

I finally settled on the cajun snapper. First, because it was grilled. And second because it was spicy. Hell yeah! I kept the rice and veggies. Jeanette ordered fried haddock. Off to the races. Er, the table, to wait. We served ourselves water, and entertained ourselves with spices on the table. There were two kinds of spices (Jeanette will remember the name), both strangely were made up of “other spices.” What the hell is that? “Other spices.” Why don’t we all just list, “other stuff” on the ingredients lists of all of our foods? That would be awesome! Anyway, I’m not judging those seasonings. I just thought it was funny.

The food? It was great! I was impressed with how much I got, especially for the price. The only thing I don’t like about fish is I can’t ever reheat it. It’s kind of a one-shot deal for me. But everything was delicious. Well, I didn’t like the coleslaw, but I don’t ever like it. I did taste it to see if anything had changed with my dislike and it hadn’t. And I hadn’t had hushpuppies since WAAAAY back in the day. I ended up wasting a little of my fish but overall it was really good. And you wouldn’t mind sharing bites with your dinner mates because there’s plenty to go around.

The turtle skirt of fish: two inches from the snapper.

And the haddock. I almost called it pollock. Don’t worry, that’s a fish too. Well, according to their menu.


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