Midwest Beerfest – Century II Exhibition Hall

Posted: October 25, 2010 in 67202
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Well, folks, marked another one off the bucket list. I went to the Midwest Beerfest this Saturday. Am I a beer connoisseur? Nope. Do I know what it means when someone says something is “hoppy?” No. Well, now I do. But I didn’t. Do I like wheat beers or IPAs or stouts? Who the hell knows.

But I did learn some stuff about beers, and I’ll present my favorite beer of the day. Mind you, it’s boring. But I loved it.

My biggest complaint about the event was the lack of organization. We stood in line for almost an hour just to get through the front door. When we got to the door there were two (yes, two) cops checking IDs. And making small talk. Listen, guys, we’ve been standing in line for an hour. We don’t want to make small talk. Just move the line along. FFS.

Once you get past the cops, you have to get a bracelet. And there was some a-hole cop standing there berating a kid (sorry, dude, I’m sure you’re not a kid, but you looked pretty young) trying to put on bracelets. Excuse me, Mr. Police Officer? Yes, you. The one being an ahole and holding up the line even more… Why don’t you go check IDs at the door? They could use your help.

Once inside there were several sections of tables setup in squares. You got in line and shuffled around the table like a herd of cattle. People weren’t pushing or anything, but it definitely made cause for claustrophobia. I think it was a combination of people trying to stay in line (so drinking their beer while still standing in front of tubs of beer), and not having enough people behind the tubs. Overall, another organizational/efficiency fail. After about 45 minutes I was exhausted.

On a side note, I was a little grossed out by the rinsing process. They had pitchers of water, which you filled your cup up with then dumped in a community bucket. I know this is probably the most efficient way to do it, but it grossed me out. A few people at the tubs (who didn’t have pitchers and buckets) were actually taking people’s glasses and dipping them in their ice water. Um. GROSS! No thank you! Ew. I passed on those beers. I understand the vendors want you to taste only their beer. But yuck.

There was lots of food, including a chicken wing contest. I believe the Anchor won that contest. And there was some tall dude who Ryan and I kept thinking we knew from somewhere. He was getting his picture taken with people, so we thought maybe he was a KU basketball player (since he was tall and popular). But Jeanette asked him and he said he went to North and Butler. But she didn’t get his name. If anyone knows who tall dude was, speak up!

Overall, I think for the purpose of drinking beer, the event was probably a success. One of the highlights of the day was a dude getting inside of a tall display then spinning around and falling over. Or the way everyone would hold up their glasses and yell when someone broke their glass (yes, glass glasses). But my number one favorite memory was the hammered old lady. Her husband was holding her up and she kept slurring about not knowing how she got so drunk. He had to call in reinforcements to get her out of there. Awesome!

And my favorite beer? Leinenkugel’s Honey Weiss. It’s a honey wheat. I discovered I like wheat beers. Well, some of them. And then there’s some three letter word for a type of beer… I think it has something to do with Europe? All I remember is “CHEERIO!” But that three letter type of beer is NOT IPA. Which I don’t like. Apparently because it’s hoppy. Who knew hoppy was code for bitter. When I said, “Ew. Bitter.” I was told, “That’s hops.”

Got it.




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