I’d driven by El Rodeo regularly on my way home from class and always look longingly, dreaming of cheese dip. Well, one Sunday, I finally realized the dream. I tend to have Mexican food cravings on Sundays. So keep that in mind, friends. I’m always in for Mexican food on Sundays!

El delicioso yummo!

I’ve only been to El Rodeo once. I got there sort of early on a Sunday (read: before the church crowd). So they weren’t busy when I got there. And started to pick up just as I left. I had great service, and hopefully it’s that way even when it’s slow.

The cheese dip was delicious. The taco was good. I wasn’t a huge fan of the enchilada sauce (but I tend to not be a huge fan of red enchilada sauce, if I had been thinking I would have switched it out). The salsa was also good. The chips were standard chips. I always long for the thinner chips, but again, they weren’t bad, just a personal preference.

The restaurant itself was sizeable, so I’d guess you’d be able to get a table fairly quickly, even during busier times (Friday and Saturday nights). The staff was friendly, except for the people working the register. Some girl was having a conversation on the phone at the register. She ignored me when I walked up to pay. I tried to give her my receipt when she finally hung up, and she told me, fairly rudely, that she wasn’t the person who could take my payment. I don’t really understand the point of paying at the door instead of the wait staff taking your payments. I wish restaurants would just take payments at the table… So that’s my one rant with this place. If they had been friendlier and more attentive at the register it would have been fine. But if people hate working the register so much and the only personal phone in the place is behind the register, just have your wait staff pick up the checks. It’s not good to leave a bad taste in a patron’s mouth as the final impression.

All in all, though, the food was good. My waiter was friendly. Service was prompt. I’d go back.

Chips, salsa and cheese dip! I could have lived off of just this, but I wanted to try a meal.

I think this was called the Speedy Gonzales (and is on the lunch menu, and is identical in name to the same meal at Playa Azul). It’s a taco (I got fried flour with beef) and enchilada (I got cheese – I can’t remember if you can have a meat enchilada).

Overall, this was way too much food for one setting. Even for me. I think I ended up eating it for three meals.

El Rodeo Mexican Restaurant on Urbanspoon

  1. Kendra says:

    For some reason I’m not a fan of the red enchilada sauce out to eat either. I’d much rather have queso slathered on EVERYTHIGN. (:

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