I freaking love Orange Leaf. The concept is brilliant! I can choose the flavor of yogurt I want, the toppings I want, and (here’s the genius part) exactly HOW MUCH I want! Boom! Well, plus the flavors and toppings are delicious.

I’d like to dedicate this post to my nephew, Lukie.

OK, so the way this place is setup is you walk in and along the back L of the wall there are all kinds of frozen yogurt options. And by all kinds I mean all kinds. There’s “regular” (boring), cheesecake, cookies and cream, banana (YUM!), chocolate, peanut butter, pomegranate, strawberry, and many more. And I THINK the flavors are rotated out.

And stupid me, I didn’t take a picture of this OR the toppings bar.

But, then you move onto the toppings bar, and there are all kinds of choices. I was spoiled by going to the west side Orange Leaf first (at 21st and Tyler), so I definitely missed the cookie dough and cheesecake options that they have at the west one, but are missing at the east one.

If anyone at the east store is reading this, please get one or the other. OR BOTH! I’m sure kids don’t care about either option, but those are really the only two toppings I want. I settled for Reese’s pieces. Not as good. The time before I did Nerds. Which were strangely good in ice cream, but they didn’t have them this most recent time… Anyway, that’s my shout out for cookie dough pieces or cheesecake pieces. Yummmmmmmmm….

The interior of the store is lots of fun. It’s bright, with TVs. It’s a storefront, so there’s also lots of light. The employees are always friendly, and seem to be especially patient with/tolerant of children. Which is nice. Of course, I don’t want any children sticking their hands in the toppings, and I can definitely see that happening. But nonetheless, it’s a fun atmosphere.

It’s probably important to note the size of the cups. They go from gigantic to enormous. The cup sizes are outrageous as far as a reasonable serving size goes. I know Orange Leaf does that so you’ll buy/pay more. But getting a reasonable serving doesn’t even cover the bottom of the smaller (by comparison) cup. If you fill up the cup, expect to pay for it. Not that you can’t freeze and eat later. Just be warned. Because when you pay $8 for a cup of frozen yogurt, you probably have three or four servings. Kristy, Luke and I all got ours for around $2-$3 per cup. Very reasonable. Better, in my opinion, than a Blizzard because I can choose my base (other than vanilla or chocolate) and mix my own toppings. FUN!

The two current locations are on the northwest corner of 21st and Tyler. And then on 37th street north, between Rock and Woodlawn, non the north side of the street. Near Pacific Coast Pizza.

My banana fro yo with Reese’s Pieces. The banana yogurt is ah-mazing. Not imitation banana-y.

Kristy’s cheesecake yogurt with raspberries. She threw out the idea of pomegranate seeds. We couldn’t imagine the labor intensity of that job, but it sounds good!

Luke’s chocolate yogurt with sprinkles and M&Ms.

Kristy: “Are you all done?”
Luke: “NO!” (Insert sad face.)

He did NOT want to give up one bite.

  1. Kendra says:

    Haha, the conversation at the end is awesome!

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