It seems counter-productive to save the boobies in lieu of the liver, but Crawl for Cancer was a fun event. And it seemed pretty successful. I don’t know how many teams they had show up, but it was a lot more than I expected. Old Town was filled with a sea of color… And daylight drinkers. I think we were the 36th or 38th team, so at least around 40 teams participated.

For the record teams of 10 (or up to 12) participated. You pay a set fee ($350 for a team of 10), get t-shirts, and then get four pitchers of beer at each of five bars. The order you hit bars is predetermined, and the beer choice is set (Rolling Rock). But the event was so much fun, the bar staff seemed to enjoy it. And I was schwasted, wedding style (during daylight).

We started off at Finn’s. I was harboring a decent hangover from the night before and we arrived early so Kaitlin, Lindsey and I bellied up to the bar and had a shot. THIS is how you start a pub crawl! Soon enough we got our first four pitchers, and entertained ourselves by doing the socially-correct catching up with each other, punching the Punch Out machine, picking songs off the juke box, and hanging out on couches.

On to the next bar: Doc Howard’s. It was unusually hot in this place, and I always think I’m going to go ass over appetite with the damn stairs in the place. Would it kill an owner to back light the damn stairs? Hey, just a suggestion. Not just for pub crawls, but for general safety. When we got our beers (two regular, two with orange juice!), someone had the ingenious idea to start playing Flip Cup. Yes! We started on a low, coffee table, but quickly moved to the pub tables. Soon enough there was a bar-wide Flip Cup competition going on. Life is good.

The rest of the day was a blur, but really fun. Next we hit up Brickyard, where they had bocce ball, washers, good tunes, and of course more Flip Cup. A friend of mine told me they also had syringes of jello shots. The syringes were quickly re-purposed for a game of who could shoot the beer the farthest into someone else’s mouth. Well done, red team. I also saw teams with small beer bongs, and other drinking accouterments.

Then we headed to Liquid… Wait, was Liquid before Brickyard? I think Brickyard was first. Help. We pulled out our dice and cards, and played a few rounds of drinking games. I’m pretty sure Liquid was right after Doc Howard’s. Does it matter? Not really.

Finally, we hit up Indigo. Luckily the bartender was very generous with the water! I think I had one cup of beer at Indigo before Mel and I bailed to eat cheeseburgers and queso at Heroes.

The day’s planned events wound down with an after party at The Pub. And by wound down I mean hit a crescendo! I’m not normally a fan of The Pub, but they had snack foods, a live band on one side and club music on the other. I saw people drinking out of construction cones and again beer bongs. It was a wild adventure.

Mel and I called it an early night. However, once my cheeseburger and queso set in and I had a few glasses of water I was actually ready to go again. But she was ready to get home and I knew it wouldn’t hurt me to do the same.

Next year: Cliff and I recommend a quick (but probably heavy) dinner like Mel and I had before hitting up the after party. By the time my dinner and inappropriate drunkeness had a chance to settle, I was ready to drink til 2AM.

And I’m pretty sure the rest of our team did! Go pink team!

Mmmm… Beer!

  1. Jeanette says:

    I…was passed out by 7pm. It was a damn good time. Cheers CFC!

  2. Kelly says:

    I was too! Well, I got home, watched some 90210 (without drinking), then fell asleep. Probably around 8. I contemplating going back to Old Town but felt like it would be a long haul to go from sober back to drunk. Catching up would have been a winless feat.

  3. Jeanette says:

    I’m not a good drunk-sober-drunk person. Normally it goes drunk-sober-drinking but can’t get drunk and my head hurts like hell…still. Geez, why am I such a potty mouth today?

  4. Kelly says:

    Well, the trick is to not totally sober up. Once I do, I’m done, too. I meant I want to start to sober up from my utter drunkeness. Mostly so I don’t, you know, die. But also because I’m annoying and make bad decisions. So go from schwasted to mostly drunk back to slightly less schwasted. It’s a good place to be.

  5. Lyndsey says:

    Sounds fun! I want to play next year if the schedule allows!

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