Yes, I did splurge on a cheeseburger the night after my first test in almost four years. How’d I do on the test? Not as well as I felt like I should have, considering I’m eating a cheeseburger to make it better! But, seriously, I’d wanted to try the east location of Bionic Burger for a long time. I know (or at least I’ve been told) it’s not tied to the west location of Bionic Burger (which is my mom’s favorite hamburger), but I wanted to try nonetheless.

I’m convinced angels created French fries.

I ordered a #1 which is a cheeseburger, fries and pop. I got the “regular” size, even though their sign offered “Bionic Size.” Whatever that means. And the big sign out by the road touted their burger and shake special. Damn, a shake sounds good. And even though this meal is destined to be over the top in calories, I can’t bring myself to do it.

The smell of my meal taunted me the whole way home. I probably should have eaten inside, but I was really tired and didn’t want to listen to screaming kids or those beeping French fry fryers. I know, I’m grumpy. But at least I’m at peace with it.

When I took everything out of their wrappers, I knew two things:

  1. NO ONE needs this many fries. Seriously, there are like four servings here!
  2. This cheeseburger smells amazing and looks amazing, but next to the fries will look wimpy. And if I try to take it apart or whatever, it’ll just look worse. Oh well.

The cheeseburger was awesome! I took it with “everything” but picked the pickles off. I’m not sure what “everything” was besides onions and pickles. Anyway, the onions were diced, and nothing pulled out of the cheeseburger or fell on my lap while eating. Bonus. And it tasted like it was actually cooked over a flame. In other words, way better than fast food! Comparable to Southeast Carryout. I’d only be able to pick a favorite if I had both burgers right in front of me.

The fries were just OK. There were moments of glory when I’d come across a crunchy fry. And they had a good flavor and were homemade. Score. But I’m not a fan of soft fries. When I’d hit a crunchy one, they’d be an A+, but the soft ones were a C-. So overall, I give them a B. It’s highly possible I hit an older batch of fries since it was close to 7PM. Or the ride home made them soggy. Who knows?

Overall, I’d definitely go back. Better than McDonald’s or Wendy’s. And even better than Spangles. I don’t care for Spangles fries on most occasions, I think they taste like they were fried in butter, but occasionally I’ll have a craving for them. These fries, though, if they’d get a little more crunch to them, would maybe make this the best drive through I’ve ever been to (Southeast Carryout is a carryout).

That’s all I’ve got.

I promise you get a decent sized cheeseburger. The mass quantities of fries is what dwarfs it.

Bionic Burger - East on Urbanspoon


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