Felipe’s is hardly a new or unknown spot in Wichita. And I already talked about it in my west Wichita patio review, but a few Sundays ago I had a particularly moving experience at Felipe’s. It was a “morning after” and I was having a vicious craving for Mexican food and caffeine. And I ended up at Felipe’s.

At this rate, tomorrow will be a “morning after,” too…

Well, this won’t take long. Queso + salsa + taco + enchilada = <3. I’ve been to Felipe’s enough that I generally order the same thing. I always, always get their queso. And I always mix mild and hot salsa for what I think is a tastier medium salsa. Not because the hot’s too hot, but I think the mild has a good flavor. It’s usually an 80/20 hot to mild mixture. But it’s a little bit of mild that makes it perfecto!

And I love, love their fried flour tacos. Ground beef in mine, please. And a cheese enchilada. Does it get any better than this? I also ordered (and drank my body weight in) Diet Coke. My waitress was particularly amazing. No, incredibly amazing.

Overall, probably the best dining experience I’ve had in Wichita in a long time. And that’s even without a flaming cazuela!

Yes, this IS all mine. Don’t worry, I spread it over about 3 meals.

Felipe's Jr. Restaurant on Urbanspoon

  1. Jeanette says:

    great! now I want Felipe’s. mmm…cheese.

  2. Kelly says:

    I know. I feel like this blog is bad for our health….

  3. […] Lincoln and Oliver, in the shopping center near Southeast Carryout. And of course, you always have Felipe’s at Harry and Webb. And the lesser-known La Posada a little closer to Kellogg at Oliver. But I love […]

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